The cost of land in Ukraine to increase by 70%

17.06.2011 00:30
Articles about real estate | The cost of land in Ukraine to increase by 70% Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food (Minagroprod) Ukraine proposes that the Government increase the regulatory cost of agricultural land by 70% - to 19,5 thousand UAH per 1 ha.

"We assume that the normative value of farmland is expected to increase to 19,5 thousand UAH per hectare", - said Deputy Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food Nikolai Bezugly during the teleconference with the regions in Kiev on Thursday.

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He noted that currently the standard cost agricultural land in Ukraine is an average of 11,3 thousand UAH / ha.

N. Bezugly believes that raising the regulatory cost of agricultural land will lead to an increase in rent for the land use from 312 UAH / ha (an average of Ukraine) to 560-600 USD per hectare, as its level depends on the regulatory assessment of farmland.

According to First Deputy Minister, Minagroprod completed a draft government decree, which involves the indexing of the normative value of farmland.

Previously deputy head of the State Agency on Land Resources (Goszem) Mykola Kalyuzhny announced plans to introduce a new method of regulatory and monetary valuation of land with a maximum of 1 June 2012, at which its value increase by approximately half.

Goszem planned this year to test a new normative and monetary evaluation of land in six areas, and since January 1, 2012 or up to June 1, fully recalculate all the land at the new prices.

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