The cost of houses will increase by 20%

12.11.2010 10:35
Articles about real estate | The cost of houses will increase by 20% It should be noted that foreign developers have returned to the market town real estate. Thus, the planned construction of the cottage village near Moscow area to 20 hectares. Doing this project will deal with the company Kaskad Development.

This year, the value of the distant villas ranges from 15% to 17% next year, according to the assumptions of experts will be from 18% to 20%. Long-distance problem is mainly economy-class, though sometimes there are also upscale. Basically, cottages and villas are located close enough to the water.

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Most of the villages that are in demand, is located on Rublevsky, Kiev and Simferopol highway. Properties for sale in 2011 will be set, so their value will increase. In this regard, the value of suburban real estate sites that have no entrance or there are other transportation issues will be significantly reduced because of its not profitable.
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