The cost of houses made of bamboo in Indonesia reaches 19.6 million

27.12.2013 01:15
Articles about real estate | The cost of houses made of bamboo in Indonesia reaches 19.6 million Designed by architect Elora Hardy Bamboo House has won the title of "five star." In the jungles of Bali sold 18 buildings from environmentally friendly material, the cost of which varies from 490,000 to 19.6 million. According to the architect , the main objective of the project was to find a compromise between the demands of today's customers , high standards of construction and eco-friendly design . Currently unique habitat in Indonesia to attract investors from around the world .

Houses used to create a local chassis material - bamboo, which has undergone special treatment to prolong life . Interior includes sheets of aluminum, which gives the wall strength and banana leaves for decoration . By electricity conducted in each house , prospective buyers will be able to enjoy the usual amenities, and dense bamboo blinds protect buildings from tropical downpours .

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Elora Hardy notes that the basic idea of creating such a village - is the unity with nature and escape from civilization. "We are building a paradise on earth " - these words describe your project architect . Hardy hopes that people will be able to take another look at this little avail externally and inexpensive building material , such as bamboo .
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