The consumer selects the flats, despite the risks

15.01.2011 19:30
While buying an apartment in a newly threatens to turn to different buyers serious trouble, and above all "chance" to stay defrauded real estate investors, people seem to be preferable to buying an apartment building under construction and not on secondary housing market.

And even a question of money for them is not important, although people know that buying an apartment in the early stages of construction saves significant budget buyer. The main motivation - you want to start a new life in a new apartment - modern and comfortable.

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Such a conclusion is made magazine on the outcome of his case study, during which it became clear preferences of potential buyers. In particular, the editors were interested in - that consumers like the most - primary or secondary housing market and why.

"Victory" in this unique competition buildings. 40% of Muscovites, who took part in the poll would have bought an apartment in a newly built house. Their argument: in the new house, new and clean apartment with modern planning and squares. In addition, buyers of apartments in new building became its first owner, and he did not threaten to "dismantling" of previous owners. Also new building will stand for long and still allows you to save the buyer if he buys an apartment in the initial phase of construction.

28% would buy housing on the secondary market. People believe that the "old" flat "cheaper" new "because it does not need such extensive repairs, as in the new building. Another positive factor - the" secondary "flats exist in reality, not on paper. Weighty plus secondary housing" - housing quality, time-tested.

12% responded that their choice - whether to buy an apartment in the secondary or primary market - will depend on the professionalism of the company - real estate seller (no matter at what exactly the market it operates) and the amount of money which they can have.

4% of all stated that we should go the other way - to buy a country house or receive housing from the state.

16% were undecided on this issue, citing the complexity of the problems and lack of personal experience.

However, it should be noted that the Muscovites, who participated in the survey and in fact "voted" for the market of new buildings are well aware of the risks associated with the purchase of housing in the primary market. Almost half of respondents - 45% - believe that the main danger of the market of new buildings is that you choose a house and will not be built. But the most significant risks that may arise during the transaction in the secondary market, the respondents believe the sale-purchase of housing with forged documents - have indicated that risk of 24%.

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These log received through a telephone survey conducted on a representative sample. It allows you to reflect the opinion of the population is arbitrarily large city and to sustain the relation to age and sex of respondents, depending on the population in the districts of Moscow. The survey involved residents of working age.
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