The construction on Poznyaky threatens ecological disaster

13.02.2016 00:00
Articles about real estate | The construction on Poznyaky threatens ecological disaster Environment Commission recommended the city council through the courts to try to take away the land from the company, which actually destroys Silver Lake on Poznyaky number, and the deputy head of Kyiv City State Administration Peter Panteleyev - initiate a review of the Department of Urban Development and Architecture of the KSCA, which gave the green light to the dubious construction. Inhabitants of Darnytsa district of Kiev began to sound the alarm because of the destruction of green spaces around the reservoir and filling the lake with sand, located between pr. Bazhana and st. Sribnokilska, in the summer of 2015. Later in the Darnitsa RGA explained that the number of Silver Lake Beach is privately owned and it lawfully erected restaurant. The developer at the time sold half waterproof lakefront, including its waters, is now catastrophically worsen the ecological situation in Kiev. As is known, the array Poznyaki built on alluvial soils, because the lake is designed to perform the function immediately reduce the groundwater level. The negative consequences for the environment of the activity of the developer fixed the Department of Public Works and Urban Committee and the preservation of the natural environment of the KSCA. In this regard, the Commission department on the improvement of the KSCA was decided to appeal to the city council committee on environmental policy with a request to initiate a lawsuit in the Court of the City Council on the illegal recognition, reverse the decision of city council №1357 / 3426 of 24.12.2009, and the abolition of the State act on the ownership of . The Commission also undertook to carry out continuous monitoring of construction and take appropriate response measures to prevent the resumption of construction work.

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