The construction of housing in Japan, with specific requirements

15.09.2010 09:05
The first associations with the word Japan - high technology, computerization, the island and natural disasters. How does this relate to real estate, you ask? It's very simple. The construction of housing on the islands in the western Pacific with specific requirements.

Because of the scarcity and high cost of land and buildings in Japan should be high-rise. In addition, and earthquake resistance, since the nature mercilessly applies to residents of the country of the rising sun. So, what must be taught to our builders in the Far Eastern people?

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Once upon a time, Japan had lost the war literally lay in ruins.

The country faced an acute shortage of affordable and safe housing. As a short amount of time the authorities of this country have managed to solve this problem? It was decided to invest huge cash flow for the development of specialized research centers. The Government strictly set the task: to develop and implement new construction techniques in order to rectify the situation.

And today, Japan - an acknowledged world leader in manufacturing high-strength steel and ultra-reliable design of buildings of this material. Now the Japanese have erected "smart buildings" that are not afraid of the aerodynamic flow and earthquake hazard. Agree with our builders and research centers have much to learn.

What is the apartment in Japan? Most often it is 5 small rooms - living room, kitchen and three bedrooms. A large number of rooms can provide every child a childhood. Let a small - but comfortable and family.

The Japanese are very fond of country houses. About 60% of the total population lives in the suburbs or in rural areas. Buy an individual house in the city is extremely problematic and virtually impossible for people with below-average affluence.

Perhaps, through the creation of a psychological comfort of the inhabitants of this stunning country could get used to the lack of land, and learn to make optimal use of what is given them by nature.
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