The Commission selected the 70 unfinished projects to participate in the affordable housing program

16.08.2010 09:17
Articles about real estate | The Commission selected the 70 unfinished projects to participate in the affordable housing program Inter-Agency Commission at a meeting on August 4 selected 70 objects of unfinished residential building with the degree of readiness from 70% property developers who may participate in the program of affordable housing, according to the website of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction.

According to the directions on the website of the documents in the sites selected, there are 3.075 thousand vacant apartments. In this case the total number registered in the areas of the unfinished citizens do not have apartments, a little more than 474.8 thousand people.

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For the completion of all 70 sites should attract about 799 million UAH.

According to the record, the overwhelming number of committee members (20 of 23) voted for the rejection of the need to adhere to the government resolution (№ 509) on June 9, 2010 the boundary value of 1 square. m of housing from developers participating in the program of affordable housing.

Thus, at 17 sites proposed cost of housing exceeds the Cabinet frame.

In addition, the committee selected 12 unfinished projects (284 free apartments), which are subject to finalization of a number of documents or certain conditions have the potential to be included in the program to build affordable housing. On completion of these facilities should be about 76 mln.

Interdepartmental Commission also rejected proposals to developers 48-objects.

Recall was originally the 2010 state budget provides for the implementation of housing programs in the amount of 1,04 bln. They are directly finance the construction of affordable housing Minregionstroy planned to send a 900.7 mln. However, the law of the seizure of the state budget ((№ 2461-VI), which entered into force on 19 July, cut the string budget spending by 650 million UAH - to 390 mln.

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