The choice of a country house - a difficult task

15.11.2010 10:04
Articles about real estate | The choice of a country house - a difficult task About what Internet sites and methods used in the sale of suburban housing says the director of consulting company "RealEkspo Viktor Kovalenko and leading experts from several development companies.

Provide the buyer with detailed information about suburban housing on the village's own website - it seems there is nothing easier. But one of the obvious shortcomings of such a move is that it should be brought to the site the buyer, and it requires considerable effort on the part of representatives of advertising, PR and marketing.

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Victor Kovalenko said that the information about the sold object is placed not only on their own sites on the Internet, but be sure to third parties, such as specialized portals suburban real estate,, In this case, Victor Kovalenko said that when choosing a home buyer often makes a choice based on their emotions, sensations. A structured information based on no more than 5% of customers who have just such a structured mindset.

It is the portal all information is structured: area, district, locality, name, distance of the object, the actual price information, communication, applied engineering, house area, the area, photos, location map. The most important parameter - price - is not so clear at first glance, according to Victor Kovalenko: "To decide the buyer must on the one hand to understand what is the cost of the lot as a whole, on the other side to know how much the land itself. For reference it is necessary to understand price of square meter, and in two versions: with regard to the cost of land and excluding. Otherwise, and this sin of many portals, compared incomparable categories. novstroek suburban buyers and households in the cottage can use the database portal as an exhaustive source of information: here is the fullness of the descriptions yasnos ready analytics across all regions and districts of the Kiev region. As a result, the buyer selects an object sends a request to purchase and use of real estate agents tstva "RealEkspo" acquires property. "
Natalia Bashinskaya, Head of Marketing Group of Companies Maetok, in turn, believes that the market for high-end suburban housing price for the buyer is not a key factor. "First of all when choosing a holiday home customers are its location and size. Then, already underway, such parameters as the readiness of the village, provision of infrastructure, quality-price ratio. That is, rather, buyers choose not" ideal home "and an ideal environment habitat. While in the segment of business-class priorities are different, the buyers are repulsed by their financial capabilities. "

Project Manager Roslavichi Yuri Meer believes that from the standpoint of an expert when choosing a buyer focuses on the total cost of purchase, the degree of readiness of the object, distance, availability of communications, footage home / site: "Most first asking prices, and then treated. All depends on the budget buyer. Of course, if it is unlimited, we can construct a reality conceived in their parameters, but it is more the exception than the rule. Buyers of the elite class do not dominate in the Ukrainian town market. "

Alla Zhabyuk, Head of Sales cottage "Sun Valley", says the company uses the site as an additional site ad for the sale, as secondary and primary market-town proposals. In her view, the main parameters on which the purchaser pays attention when selecting proposals for the initial country market in the first place are the following: price, footage, location, infrastructure and the developer himself. "When selecting the primary market of potential buyers carefully evaluate the process of building the village, the reputation of the builder's previous projects, marketing campaigns, the proposed developer. It is important that mobile access was all important and reliable information about the project. Thus, the client wants to choose the optimum option for themselves and minimize possible risks, "- notes Alla Zhabyuk.

According to project leader "Borovik" Igor Zinchuk, the most important when selecting an object suburban real estate, according to experts, is for buyers: location options a lot, a description of communications, and price. Igor Zinchuk said that "now prefer to have built cottage villages or at the final stage with a developed infrastructure, availability of Communication."
Victor Kovalenko
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