The Chinese have built a modest settlement for the middle class

21.03.2011 11:19
Articles about real estate | The Chinese have built a modest settlement for the middle class Atelier Feichang Jianzhu, one of the most famous, oldest and largest private architectural firms in China, built a village of 20 two-storey villas in Shanghai.

On site there is a large pond, which was previously used in fisheries. Water and clean beaches attract birds, which nest here in large numbers. The village of 20 houses of five types, ranging from 514 to 1,022 square meters. m (total area of ??19,496 square meters. m) - the first stage of building a vast territory, said "".

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In the design architects were given two contexts - the natural (water, nature) and cultural (the local building tradition). Basic principles, themes of the village - fragmentation, courtyard, park. Normal functions of the house are separated and arranged in space in a new way.

Households in each villa a few and they vary in size and degree of openness. The space between the line of houses and water busy park. Architects park - this is primarily a way of life: a slow, calm, a relaxed. By the way, parks are specific to the traditional architecture of Southern China.
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