The chances of a house in the cottage illusive

11.09.2010 03:19
Articles about real estate | The chances of a house in the cottage illusive Chance to buy a house in the cottage, which will be completed in the promised time, fewer and fewer.
The only safe option - choose suburban housing in already handed townships. But this property also has drawbacks.
Another scandal in the market-town complexes was leaked to the press in late June. "In the town of December 2009 not under construction, made earlier destroyed and plundered, the collective running away" - outlined a grim picture of one of the investors of the village, construction of which began in autumn 2007 in a suburb of the capital, at the beginning of the Zhitomir highway, near the checkpoint. The most amazing thing is that on the eve of this town one of the three leaders of the rating the most attractive suburban towns, prepared by one of the business publications.
Alas, the real information about the financial status of the developer have a few. You can buy a ready cottage, but the town will remain without electricity, gas, shops, schools or kindergartens. Therefore, experts suggest investing in municipalities already surrendered. In an extreme case - in small towns, ready of not less than 90%. However, with the assurance that your money will not fly in the pipe, have to pay.

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"Cherry Містечко" - one of the first residential areas near Kiev, homes that originally sold only at the stage of full readiness. Cottage town has long put, but here there are still unsold estates. Oleg Homa, head of "cherry Містечко" shared with "WA" realistic plans: "Now in our cottage house on sale 11 cottages and five townhouses. We expect to implement them for two years." Summer 2010 did not become a catalyst for sales of suburban real estate and cottage "Severynivka" near Kiev. If in February, the developer sold the four cottages, then in March - only one, and in April-June - two. And this despite the fact that the settlement - one of the most popular: in the beginning of 2008 there were selling up to 12 estates in the month.
Because of this low activity of buyers in 2010 developers are not decided on a traditional seasonal rise in prices. Moreover, the promised bonuses and discounts to potential buyers. But on closer examination had revealed interesting details.
Thus, interest-free installments, which often advertise developers, in most villages is only for the unfinished houses. At the ready cottages, these benefits are generally not covered. A buyer paying for the house was built in several tranches, will put an additional 15-17% per annum. Some towns make an exception for one year.
"If you want to buy a ready home in installments, we conclude a sales contract with a suspensive condition. During the year the payment is without interest, - the town of" Park House "(Boryspil district). - Let's say the house is worth $ 270 thousand, you pay $ 70 thousand, while the remaining $ 200 divided by 12 months in equal numbers. If the annual pay this amount, you can not, and you need more time - three to five years (five, we have not yet been, but a three-year installments already taken), - then, starting from the second year, you pay 15% per annum. That is, we do lend buyers, while banks can not do this. "
In addition, buyers are ready homes less likely to receive a discount, than investors in the ditch. Discounts apply for one-time payment of the entire value of the cottage, but often they only encourage buyers unfinished. "At any builder discounts available at 100% advance payment, but only if the house is not put into operation, until completion of construction, - confirms Valery Zakharov, director of sales cottage settlement" Zoloche (Boryspil district). - They are negotiated individually. Maximum size - up to 10%. "

Miserly choice
Cottage villages with promises and to the same existing infrastructure even in the Kiev region, the record for cottage building - no more than ten (details - see 'Characteristics of houses in some towns, cottage Kiev region). In other major regions of the choice of less.
In the Dnepropetrovsk region fully completed only two of the village. Near the city on the Dnieper River cottage built for another 15 sets, but few of them - a high degree of readiness. "I'd only spent two cottage settlement -" Shishkin "and" BarVita "- illustrates Margarita Uritskaya, president of GC Master of Real Estate." - "Shishkin" practically built and sold homes, even with designer finishes. In "Barvy" rebuilt the second stage. In my opinion, they have higher chances to complete the construction. But with the settlement notorious "golden key", which is positioned as the largest in Ukraine, the scandal occurred. So far, the construction stopped there. "
Some of the options fall away, as soon as it turns out a minimum area of finished homes. Typically, houses a small area has already been dismantled. And in some villages "thrifty" cottages and was not at all. As a result, the total value of the house, buying the appropriate security settings may be overwhelming. "B" Shishkin "- beautiful houses, but their area -400-600 sq. meters. Small houses they never built, and major inquiries now relate to the area of 200-250 square meters of houses. M" - explains Margaret Uritskaya.
And the most attractive prices for ready-made houses will lead buyers to houses built on not the most popular in Ukraine technologies. Thus, housing in the village of Green Hills at the lowest price for the Kiev region - 1.3 million USD. - Constructed of wooden sandwich panels. In purchasing such a cottage has its share of risk. After sufficient experience with the Canadian technology in Ukraine yet. In some villages there is no such an important part of suburban life as a river or lake. "We do not have a reservoir. But there is forest, a good recreation area - have tried to compensate for this weakness in the sales department town of Park House." - Entertainment center in the town we are not building, so as not to disturb those who prefer to live in quiet place.
But in any event before the end of the year choice of cottage complexes with complete or nearly built infrastructure in the suburbs of mega-cities will grow substantially. According to the respondents 'WA' experts, in 30% of cottage villages in Ukraine building work frozen.
Victoria Karatanov, head of analytical department of the Civil Code "proconsul" (Kharkov)
- As for the second quarter with. in the Kharkov region is building ten cottage settlements, including resumption of construction of the town "Residence" (Florinka), suspended in the past year. Fully finished houses sold in almost all towns, except where construction is under way on individual projects ("Oleshky", "Pine Beach"). But the tendency to shift developers on the sale of finished houses is not observed.
In the cottage area "Rye Yelenovka" about 30% of land allocated for construction of houses for their subsequent implementation, the remaining sites available for sale (as of June 2010 on sale there are 40 sites ranging from 10 to 20 hectare). Continue to decrease prices. Compared with the beginning of 2010 houses in the town of "Residence" cheaper by 30%, in the town of "calm" - at 20%, in the town of Park House - at 15%.
Vlast Deneg

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