The Chamber issued a verdict of Land Reform in Ukraine

13.12.2010 11:07
Articles about real estate | The Chamber issued a verdict of Land Reform in Ukraine The Chamber has reviewed the use in the 2008-2010 state budget, aimed at leadership and management in the field of land resources, land reform, free registration and issuance of Ukrainian citizens of the state acts on the ownership of the land.

At the 20-year land reform in Ukraine it the declared objective, namely the transition to cost-effective and efficient use of land is not achieved. Reproduction of agricultural land is not provided, their grueling operation continues. Monitoring of land in recent years Goskomzem not performed at all.

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The audit showed that the formation of state, communal and private ownership of land has not been completed, the land of communal property is not defined. In this case, institutions that should ensure the implementation of state policy on land reform, redirect the responsibility for each other.

So it is not established in Ukraine and one of the most important instruments in the field of land relations - the registry of land rights. Thus, in fact is not recognized by the respective rights of citizens and legal persons who have been to this title documents. That is the state, in fact, does not provide its citizens protection granted them rights to land.

By decision of the executive authorities and local government 12.3 million citizens have received plots of land in private ownership, but the state acts on land ownership issued only 5,6 million people, representing 45.5 per cent.

The Accounting Chamber Board noted that the government declared in 2009, free registration and delivery to citizens of the state acts on land ownership, under which from the Stabilization Fund has been allocated 5 billion UAH, failed miserably.

Of registered as at 08/01/2010 2.45 million applications for free registration and issuance of state acts on the ownership of land issued only 685.5 thousand state acts, or 27 percent.

In this case, 67% of the Stabilization Fund, provided for these purposes, at the end of the fiscal year remained unused. Only 10 mln. was spent on public awareness. Audit Chamber showed complete ineffective use of these funds that have been "scrolled" through 6 hastily established commercial structures.

In 2009 and I half of 2010, funding for land reform was stopped and the allocated funds were sputtered on numerous areas of use. The system of state control over land use and protection was virtually paralyzed, is not defined authority of government. As a consequence, we have the facts only exhausting operation once the best black soil in the world.

At the Board Chairman of the Accounting Chamber, VK Symonenko said: "Ensuring the rational use and protection of land resources is a key element in implementing the land reform ... But we have over 20 years of its implementation did not ensure the establishment of a monitoring system of land, much of which is exposed not only erosion, but also exhausting operation . One gets the impression that Ukraine has no one looks to the future, as to leave future generations will soon be nothing. "
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