The CEC refused to conduct a referendum on the ground

08.06.2011 09:31
Articles about real estate | The CEC refused to conduct a referendum on the ground The Central Election Commission refused to register the four teams on an all-Ukrainian referendum on the sale of agricultural land.
UNIAN was informed about the press service of the CEC.

In particular, as noted in the report, 23 May 2011 the Central Election Commission has received representations deputy chairman of the District Council Jaworowski, chairman of the Drohobych District Council and Khmelnytsky city mayor, and May 26, 2011 - Chairman Samborski District Council regarding the registration of initiative groups of a nationwide referendum on people's initiative and papers of meetings of citizens of Ukraine on Education of the initiative groups of all-Ukrainian referendum on popular initiative.

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Participants in these meetings endorsed the proposal to hold a nationwide referendum on popular initiative and approved the wording of the question, which is proposed to make to the national referendum: "Do you support a ban on the sale of agricultural land and the associated introduction of appropriate changes to the Land Code of Ukraine?".

Inspected, the CEC said that in accordance with Article 22 of the Basic Law of Ukraine, constitutional rights and freedoms are guaranteed and can not be undone. When adopting new laws or amending existing laws are not allowed narrowing the content and scope of existing rights and freedoms. The decision of the Constitutional Court of 22 September 2005 in the case of a permanent land use set out the legal position, under which the restriction of the content and scope of the rights and freedoms is their limitation.

At the same time, it was noted that under paragraph 15 of section X of the Land Code of Ukraine, before the enactment of laws on State land cadastre and land market, but not earlier than January 1, 2012 shall not be permitted buying and selling of agricultural land. The CEC pointed out that such a restriction is temporary, but not absolute, and is set to streamline the relevant legal and, therefore, aimed at providing adequate conditions for the realization of the constitutional right to own land.

Thus, the CEC believes that the question approved by the said meeting of citizens, can not be imposed on the Ukrainian referendum on popular initiative, it does not comply with the Constitution of Ukraine. In addition, the Commission found that the documents do not meet the above-mentioned meetings with legislative requirements. Therefore, the Commission refused to register initiative groups.

As UNIAN reported earlier, March 2, The Verkhovna Rada refused to extend until January 1, 2015 moratorium on the sale of agricultural land.

April 18 party chairman "Fatherland," Yuliya Tymoshenko said that the opposition is beginning to collect signatures for a referendum to prevent the privatization of agricultural lands.

As of today, in many cities to establish action teams for the national referendum concerning the ban on the sale of farmland.

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