The catastrophe in Smolensk ... coincidence or not?

27.08.2010 00:08
Articles about real estate | The catastrophe in Smolensk ... coincidence or not? For those who are engaged in metaphysical question of coincidence or not, of course, not worth it.
For everyone else, and skeptics, including, decided to write a brief summary of event occurred.
So, the tragedy occurred on April 10 at 10:56 Moscow time

My students will recall that at the beginning, I drew their attention to this date, as one of the most difficult year. However, the previous hour, in which and landing on a plane and fly even more impressive.

In celestial trunks strongest Jansky metal at the bottom of Tiger and Dragon form a double polukombinatsiyu Tree. Such conflict-energy always leads to tragic events.
Smolensk respect in Warsaw is located in north-easterly direction.


In 2010, it has to influence the direction of Grand Duke (Tai Sui), Tiger and many know that the move in this direction throughout the year adversely.

Applying the technique of Chi Myong Dong Dzya (which is used to select a favorable direction and time for movement) can consider the table-time departure.

In the north-easterly direction at the time of the departure gates are Death (the name speaks for itself) a combination Jansk? Earth on the Yin Earth, adverse God (Xian Wu) and Tian Zhu Star. All factors symbolize death, injury, destruction and fatal events.

If we turn to the table flying stars, the first airport of Smolensk-Nordic, where the landing took place, is located on the northern part of town, where there is the 2010 energy of 3 Sha. But in addition, in the northern sector flown month 5 and day 2. As you can see, there was a merger of several adverse factors that resulted in the tragic outcome.

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