The Canadian vision of low-rise Primorye

20.10.2010 09:21
Articles about real estate | The Canadian vision of low-rise Primorye Federal Housing Development Fund (RZHS) plans to build up the cottage, townhouse and high-rise housing land area of 400 hectares near the village. Labor, which had been converted to farmland. At the same time promise to build houses for reasonable prices, and then - nothing less - guidance to all residents of new housing on a healthy lifestyle.

"RZHS plans to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Canadian National Corporation for Housing and mortgages. As the first areas of cooperation are claimed demonstration projects integrated low-rise buildings - said Denis Bagaev, Deputy Head of Spatial Planning and zoning RZHS. - Purpose - to realize the major territories of Russia international projects by today's standards and subject to the requirements of Russian master planning. While a decision to implement a pilot project in the village of Labor. "
Last week, Canadian designers have explored the land from all sides. The initial findings were positive. Michael von Hausen, a company spokesman MVH Urban Planning & Design Inc: «Most of the slopes in the average slope, they can keep building. A lot of vegetation, which in future will provide an environmentally friendly village atmosphere and protect from the wind. "
On the site is planned to place several residential areas, which will consist mainly of townhouses and apartment buildings no higher than six floors. Expensive houses will be very small. It is assumed that only Labour will build 1 million m2. According Bagaeva, most of the housing will be responsible to the class "economy."
According to independent experts, the latter's intention to look doubtful. Firstly, such low-rise development projects Vladivostok has never seen. Secondly, the land is empty, then have to invest considerable effort and funds only in the laying of utilities. Third, the economy projects usually involve minimal infrastructure while the imagination of foreign experts drew close to Labor has a lot of things that really in Canada, but not in Russia. So, Canadians want to develop land on the principles of economy, social orientation, energy efficiency and minimize environmental damage. However, given the geographic location, landscape features, as well as the construction of the ski resort (?) At a location nearby ("Blue Volcano"), it was proposed to construct a residential town with an infrastructure-oriented development of a healthy and sporting lifestyle.
Don Vuori, CEO Don Wuori Design: «Campus will consist of three main components. First - it's central boulevard, which will be placed along the central axis of the territory. Second - there is proposal to build a long linear park that will accommodate a walking area for pedestrians and cyclists. And the third: construction and equipping of a sports park facility which will focus on the fact that due to the skates (and hockey is no exception), rock climbing, etc. All this will create a regional sports center for the eastern part of Russia. " In addition, to be built kindergartens, polyclinics, shopping facilities. Meanwhile, to live there'll be about 22 thousand people.
Denis Bagaev cheerfully said: "There are certain requirements regarding the construction of the Regional Development Ministry of economy class housing. These conditions imply that the land under the cottage must be less than 10 acres, for townhouses - 4 weave. All of these requirements when drawing up the concept of low-rise buildings near the village of Labor were taken into account by Canadian experts. With regard to cost, it is clear that in Canada everything is done on a turnkey basis. If we work well, then we will probably be the same. "
According to the correspondent. "K", anyone who has anything to understand how life works in Russia, it is obvious that nothing like we really can not. And in this matter no Canadians will not help.

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