The buyer is not ready to rise in price

21.10.2010 07:33
Articles about real estate | The buyer is not ready to rise in price Building on the question of forecasting the housing market and the land meets the director of "ITT-Real" Michael Logunov:

1. In 2010-2011, you should not expect an increase in property values. The buyer still is not ready, and objective reasons, unavailable. With regard to price increases by grade, in some cases it is probably possible. For example, due to the fact that the offer of quality housing in the market is limited, good facilities are a buyer, and the segment appears shortage of such proposals. One can assume that the category of real estate has a chance of growth and, hence, such projects may appear and be implemented in the coming years.

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2. The price of land depends on the season. Analyzing the past few years, you can see a systematic increase in this index every spring and autumn. Over the past two years the trend has transformed the exact opposite. Sellers are waiting, hoping for the emergence of a buyer during the traditional spike activity. But in the end, and not finding the client, the owners reduced the price. Inspired sellers hope the spring season surge, now everyone is waiting for the fall. But if the buyer does not come on the market end of the fall could be another period of falling value of land.
Resumption of the constant demand on the ground, I think, can only be expected once we see a steady growth in property prices. After all, the first thing ¬ vym increasing demand for ready-made objects, and then - on investment projects, which include buying land.
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