The boom in housing in the Crimea

16.10.2010 09:02
Articles about real estate | The boom in housing in the Crimea This summer, the Russians are actively buying houses and apartments in the Crimea. According to experts, the reason for such unprecedented busiest steel heat waves and smog in the Central Russia. In anticipation of repeating the same summer in the future, people seek shelter in areas protected from the weather turmoil.

Surprising even for experts the real estate market effect of hot summer in central Russia has continued to this day the boom in housing in the Crimea. Beginning in July, the share of Russians account for the vast majority of real estate transactions. "Mass flow rate - Russia. Basically, she inhabits the coast of Crimea. Maybe two-thirds and, maybe more," - says a realtor.

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First and foremost the interest of Russian citizens in Crimea estate prices are changed at a relatively low-cost housing. Thus, one-bedroom apartments, located a few dozen kilometers from the sea, just a month went up by about ten percent.

"We react instantly Crimea. Prices for studio apartments rose by ten percent. Main - low cost options, they are now in great demand," - says the head of one of the real estate agencies Sergei Khalimov.

In this case, to the extent that, as in Russia grew the air temperature and area of wildfires - in Crimea rose in price index, "the best-selling real estate." Wishes of customers gradually moving from the center to the sea of multistory buildings in the cottages on the picturesque coast of the peninsula. And when the heat receded, it was found that the most actively bought and Russians are buying up to this day is not "odnushki. The biggest was the demand for luxury housing on the southern coast.

"It's an apartment in the city center. There are, for example, one million 680 thousand dollars apartments in Lower Oreanda. There are over two million, there are three million" - says a realtor.

Russians do not lack attention, none of the real estate of Crimea. They buy everything - from the wings and gostinok "to luxury buildings on the southern coast of Crimea. Moreover, the purpose of purchase, diversity does not differ. Nearly all home buyers, mostly to a week to rest at his home and leave. They do not live here. Apartment for rent and live there administrators.

Note that a year ago the price of new real estate in Crimea fell by 55 percent and continued to decline until the end of 2009. More than 80 percent of new buildings in the republic have been frozen, and the other 20 - were based rates four times lower than claimed.
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