The bill «On the land» excludes the formation of large estates

26.10.2011 16:15
Articles about real estate | The bill «On the land» excludes the formation of large estates Ukraine needs to complete the land reform and the adoption of the law "On land market." Only the introduction of legal circulation of agricultural land will become the owner of the land unit rightful owner of his land and get the real benefit of this. But the main thing - the law makes it impossible too large estates in the same hands.

"The Bill" On the Land "provides a warning too large landholdings in the first place, by limiting the purchase of agricultural land in one hand. Now the volume of this area is discussed, but clearly excessive concentration in one's hands in any case would not ", - said Head of the Department of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine Andrei Martin.

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According to Andrew Martin, the chief lobbyists for the extension of the moratorium on sale of farmland are those who own large agribusiness and one of the current state of land relations receives benefits or who does not understand the trite, that Ukraine is a land relations.

"In Ukraine, 68% of the land formally leased or used by the owners themselves. In addition, we have enough common hidden land rent. Almost 80% of all land owners and land users in Ukraine - are people of retirement age who already own land use will not. A 458 000 owners of land shares have already died, not even passing his land by inheritance, "- such a sad state of land relations stated Chair of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.

According to Andrew Martin, for twenty years, the introduction of land reform Ukrainian peasants did not become a real master of the land and is not officially agribusiness.

"Extension of the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land only perpetuates a disappointing situation and to contribute to further degradation of rural areas. In fact, the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land - is a form of serfdom, the peasants when the farmer called the owner, but to dispose of his property he could not ", - says head of the Department of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.

According to the scientist, if Ukraine will pass a law "On land market", she will receive one of the most regulated in Europe the market of agricultural land.

"Only the land market may show the true value of the land, create jobs and provide social infrastructure", - said the expert.

At the same time the head of department of Institute of Agroecology and Environmental NAS, PhD, Alexander Kuznetsov, confident that with the introduction of land market only the state has first right to buy land.

"This is a very important point. Earth - is the nation's wealth and fertility of our land - in the interests of all citizens of Ukraine, not just farmers, "- said the scientist.

"Earth - is a strategic product for hundreds of thousands of years, and legislation during the implementation of the land market should balance the interests of future generations, the state and those who are currently working on this earth, and of course, the interests of, say, financial institutions, which give this land a profit. Earth, the turnover of land, its market capitalization - a tool for socio-economic development of territories ", - said Head of the Research Center of the problems of regional development and competitiveness of territories NIEI Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Valentyn Pidvysotskoho.

Andrew Martin said that with the introduction of a land market its total sales in Ukraine will not be.

"Only a tenth of the owners of land shares willing to sell their plots. So even if the moratorium on the sale of land will be cleared, the rampant sale of land will not be. Land market - an opportunity to sell, dispose of his property, the freedom provided by the farmer, not a duty, "- said Andrew Martin.

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