The bill about the land market saw the People's Deputy «solicitation ward number 2»

09.12.2011 08:15
Articles about real estate | The bill about the land market saw the People "Our Ukraine" is categorically against the imperious law of the land market and believes that the current government can not implement the land market.

This was stated by deputy head of the political council of "Our Ukraine", MP Victor Matchuk, UNIAN press service of the party.

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"Our Ukraine" urges MPs under any circumstances do not support the bill, which not only ignores the interests of owners of land shares and domestic farmers, but also "creates two exclusive parasitic add-ons that will be enriched at the expense of the land market."

"The new version of the bill prepared by the deputies of the powerful majority, there was a public statement of land which, in essence, a solicitation House number 2. Through this operator will necessarily go through all the agreements on sales and purchases. However, this structure will not bear any liability to market participants, "- explains W. Matchuk.

Also, according to the MP, the law provides for the establishment of the State Land Bank, which granted the monopoly right to the land on bail. Even if a state land bank funds ran out and he can not lend physically, but he will get bail in land. And only under a guarantee from the bank, and not free, will issue a credit to any other bank.

"Once again creates a parasitic add-in that will devour other people's money, while she did not generate", - said the deputy.

The stumbling block "nasheukrainets" called also the fact that the draft law stipulates that a bank becomes the operator of the market, and gets the right to purchase agricultural land for the conduct of commodity production. According to Mr. Matchuk, it contradicts current legislation of the banks in Ukraine, which stipulates that banks can not be used in commercial operations.

"This is the biggest threat we have in this bill and that clearly show - why do the current government needs the land market. Through these two monopolistic structures, which allegedly are public instruments, placing his men there, it will be possible to collect tribute from any land transaction, and does not bear any responsibility, "- said the deputy.

Also, he said, the bill we introduce the norm of the sale of 100 acres of land one individual, but does not give any logical explanation as to why it is 100, as well as earlier there was no explanation as to why 2100 hectares. B. Matchuk believes that it is absolutely wrong approach, that the bill, except for the parameter space, do not take into account soil fertility, which is the primary criterion for commodity production.

"Contrary to the promises of the incumbent President, the bill does not provide safety devices, which should protect the owner of the unit from a dishonest buyer. Must provide that the sales transaction at a price below the expert will not be recorded. Thus, the "Our Ukraine", being a consistent advocate of a phased and deliberate implementation of land reform, remains adamantly opposed to the introduction of a land market in Ukraine under the current regime, "- he said.
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