The bank went bankrupt! What do the debtor?

26.09.2010 13:07
Articles about real estate | The bank went bankrupt! What do the debtor? The current highly volatile situation in the financial sector not only makes the heart beat in terror of bank depositors, but also pleasantly warms the souls of the debtors. No matter how fiercely the global crisis, but are always those who are ready to dance saraband on smoking remains of another financial institution prematurely deceased.
Nevertheless, we should not think that hard times can get away from the "evil" lenders. Do not have to hope that the bank in which you took out a loan, go bankrupt, and the documents would be lost when suddenly moving bankers from luxurious office in the damp prison cell.

None of this will not happen because such a complex undertaking, as a declaration of bankruptcy of the bank, sometimes lasting up to a year. You still have time to not only pay the bills with your creditors, but to become a client of another bank that bought the rights to your credit.

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So, probably all naive debtors have already understood that the bank is not officially bankrupt in the blink of an eye, and passing the readjustment procedure. If a sanatorium not doing its job, the state appoints an administrator. The purpose of the latter is the conclusion of the financial institution who is in complete decline, from a state of total collapse. In the end, if all anti-crisis measures taken have failed, the bank will begin to "bankrupt". That is until this very last moment is nothing unusual in the everyday work of financial institutions measured not observed, and all credit terms must comply with the borrowers with the same care and thoroughness, as in normal mode. Otherwise, the penalty can not be avoided!
Should not be borrowing to jump for joy, and when the procedure is the elimination of the credit institution still underway. Liquidator (almost "The Terminator") is appointed to a failed bank with such a sad scenario, be sure to take all necessary measures to recover the debt from all currently available at the financial institution debt. So no one to forgive the debts, nor forget the borrower does not intend to - and do not expect! The only option for impunity debt repudiation may be the loss of debt instruments. Unfortunately, the percentage probability of such outcome of events is extremely small ...

Joyous moment for the borrower may be the fact that since the first days after the announcement of bankruptcy, ie, for deciding on the Elimination of all penalties for delay in payment of the debt canceled. So now you can take the time to repay debts. That is, give them away, of course, have to, but not necessarily specified in the loan agreement time. Clearly, in this case, the borrower remains in the win, because every day the crisis banknotes are becoming cheaper.

If when you declare your "native" bank bankrupt appear loopholes to evade fines and penalties, the interest on the loan anyway, and will have to give! Liquidators credited them anyway, according to those rates, which are set out in the loan agreement. Besides, more often, it is unlikely you will get acquainted with the liquidators personally. Now fairly common practice for assignment of the loan. Therefore, the borrower is not required in the recognition of the liquidation savings account to be transferred monthly credit amount. It is the duty of the bank goes to other financial institutions, which personally inform the debtor about his new all required details for credit payments. Once the new bridges with the lender by the borrower, almost immediately enter into force paragraphs loan agreement about interest, penalties and penyah.

So do not relax, dear debtors. Do not beat too soon tambourines and drums. Bonded loan agreement is signed and willing to become your new "master and master - are countless. Even the crisis that is not an obstacle!
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