The average rate on mortgages rose to 26.76%

11.10.2012 15:29
Articles about real estate | The average rate on mortgages rose to 26.76% "Index KreditMarket mortgage" rose to 11 October 2012 to the level of 26.76% vs. 26.39%, marked September 26, 2012 (the effective interest rate on loans to purchase housing, in local currency, per annum). Data received as of October 11, 2012, the press service of "KreditMarket."

"Index KreditMarket mortgage" once again takes record levels. This time he got up to 0.37 percentage points - To the level of 26.76%. Recall the previous record was set for a last measurement - September 26, 2012 this figure was 26.39%.

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For the past with previous measurement two weeks four member bank "Index KreditMarket mortgage" ("Erste Bank", "Sberbank of Russia" FUIB ASTRA Bank) has changed the terms of credit for the purchase of property - in all four of the nominal interest rate is changed. Once again, all to increase.

The main factor of the current growth rates in our view remains unchanged in recent months - is an acute shortage of long-term hryvnia resources in the credit market of Ukraine. It is possible that the market situation has changed somewhat in the beginning of November, but so far there is a constant increase in the cost of long hryvnia resources that are used by banks to lend to real estate purchase.

In the short term prerequisites for significant reductions in "Index KreditMarket mortgage" on the current value is not present, but a further slight increase is not excluded.
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