The authorities of Irpen have limited the height of newly constructed buildings

12.02.2018 00:00
Articles about real estate | The authorities of Irpen have limited the height of newly constructed buildings In the satellite city there are many high-rise buildings, new buildings are in demand, but buyers are waiting for a fall in prices. Now, after limiting the height of the building, the cost of housing in such houses will only rise. The maximum height of houses in Irpen is now no more than 5 floors, it is impossible to build higher houses. The altitude is limited, and for non-observance of the rules, one can obtain foreclosure. In Irpen, which until 2013 was completely low-rise, briefly allowed to build high-rise buildings. Now the cost of living in such houses will increase. Consumers are sure that the city authorities are simply planning to raise the value of real estate in high-rise buildings, and therefore they have established such a ban. The authorities do not comment on the situation.

However, is it worth it to rent an apartment in a high-rise? Most buyers today believe that it's stylish, comfortable and fashionable. In fact, in a small town because of high-rises it becomes difficult to live. Coziness disappears, problems are created that are typical for megacities.

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Houses with a small number of storeys (2-5 floors) are more convenient for living. Irpen is a satellite city not far from Kiev, where people come to relax from the hustle and bustle of Kiev everyday life. To see a high-rise in a resort town means to get a new portion of stress. Small towns are attractive low buildings. Low-rise architecture was created here year after year for many years. This creates a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the city. Residents of the megalopolis, coming to Irpen, relax and forget about the problems.

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