The authorities intend to simplify the rules Borispol private building

20.07.2010 16:08
The authorities intend to Borispol to amend the existing rules of building, freeing its inhabitants from the payment of share contributions to the development of engineering and transport infrastructure during the construction of individual housing, writes Business Capital.<br />This is explained in urban governance architecture.<br /><br />"Under current rules, private traders are forced to transfer to the city treasury a sum equal to 4% of the estimated cost of construction" - the report says.<br /><br />According to Deputy Mayor Lyudmila Kovaleva Borispol, the abolition of the levy will not lead to significant losses for the budget, since the scale of settlement is a little money.<br /><br />"This decision will allow the crisis to stimulate private building, reducing its cost. The assignment is planned to go only to law-abiding citizens who have agreed on their projects and have on hand all the permits to start construction. If a resident of the city has ignored this requirement, then when you make documents backdating it, other than those provided in this case, the fines will be forced to pay a share of contribution in the amount of 4% ", - said Kovalev.<br /><br />As the newspaper writes, but even these minor budget officials want to compensate for losses due to changes in assessment procedures share contributions for legal entities engaged in the erection or renovation of commercial and industrial facilities.<br /><br />"If now the size of the unit of assessment for such companies is determined by the scope of the property and erected its area (for example, 100 hryvnia per square. M Square shopping center), then in future it will be assessed on the basis of the estimated cost of construction. In particular, when construction of these facilities are going to charge 10%, and the renovation of 5% of their value. And if, in the reconstruction area of the object has changed in a big way, would apply the 10%-ing the rate of collection, as in the capital construction "- the report says.<br /><br />In Borispol city council insist that the change in methodology will not lead to an increase in contributions from legal entities.<br /><br />Officials complain that because of the decrease in construction volumes, total income from this fee be reduced from 4.5 million last up to 1.5 million UAH. 2010. "These funds will be used for maintenance of streets of Kiev Shlyakh, Holovaty, Communist, Novoproreznoy, Soviet, as well as the reconstruction of boiler-7 on the street Thalmann and construction of two pump-room at Railway Square and the streets Dubechanskoy, said Kovalev" - note the city hall.<br /><br />According to Andrei Borsch, CEO of development company Real Estate Solutions, which constructs a shopping mall on the streets of Kiev Shlyakh in Borispol, the introduction of new methods of calculation of share contribution would increase the cost of projects by 15-20%.<br /><br />"For some investors, it can become a big problem, posklku these costs were not included in their business plans. It is possible that some companies will be forced to suspend their work at the construction sites of the city" - he said.<br /><br />Together with him and representatives of other developers working in the city, who believe that the decision of the authorities could adversely affect the commercial real estate market settlement.<br /><br />Compared with several other cities in the region living standards Borispol low. Because of this, developers agree to build sites only in the central street of the city, along which the mass transit transport. Now developers can move into other, more loyal to investors settlements, experts say.<br /><a href=""></a><br />
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