The authorities decided to build up Fastova territory of military unit

16.08.2010 11:27
Articles about real estate | The authorities decided to build up Fastova territory of military unit Authorities Fastova (Kiev region.) Plan to build a new residential community on the land area of more than 22 hectares, on which there are abandoned buildings of the former military unit, wrote Business Capital.

This was explained by Chief Architect of Viktor Miroshnichenko, writes Business Capital.

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According to him, now in this area are the barracks and other buildings of the former military unit, which over the past five years are in a derelict state. "The technical condition of the buildings in tears, they are not subject to reconstruction. Besides, the land beneath them is owned by the city. So we think that Minoobrony will we give in and give the property to the balance of the city, after which the building would be demolished, and the freed station built a new neighborhood, "- explains Miroshnichenko.

"According to a detailed plan for the territory at this stage is planned to build 10 residential multi-section 7-9-storeyed buildings with a total capacity of 2 thousand apartments. Near them, you should see a shopping center with an area of about 5 thousand square meters. M, on the ground floor which will house catering establishments, as well as church and daycare center. settle in new students, developers of document offered to attend an outdoor Komarova secondary school № 4, adjacent to which will construct a new football field and the first in the village swimming pool ", - stated in the material.

As the newspaper writes, for ease of movement in micro pave five roads and parkway vnutrikvartalnyh length 1,5 km. "And for the rest of future settlers designers planned a park, under which will be given a greater portion of 22.1 hectares," - said in a statement.

"Fastivske officials are confident that the project developers will be interested. After all, free sites for the erection of new skyscrapers in the city is practically no. A program for the reconstruction of dilapidated housing stock (demolition sites) presupposes lengthy negotiations with the tenants and the additional costs of their resettlement," - noted in material.

The publication says that negotiations with the Ministry of Defense, without whose consent the realization of the project is impossible, can stretch for years. This is confirmed by the mayor Vyshgorod Victor Reshetnyak, previously faced with a similar problem. Just because the military did not give his property. They will require compensation in the form of housing for its employees, for example, of the apartments in the future new buildings, "- he said.

"Secondly, because of remoteness from the capital Fastow maloprivlekatelen for investors, because the effective demand for apartments is virtually absent. Developers are much more interesting to invest in the city - satellites of Kiev, where higher demand and price of the apartments. Indirectly confirms this, and Viktor Miroshnichenko according to which of the four now under construction in the village houses, two departmental (built for employees of enterprises-waiting), but most of the apartments have a house bought in advance Department of Defense, "- noted in the material.

As previously reported, the Interagency Commission for Control over the use and disposal of land of Defense and other state owned lands instructed the Ministry of Defence to identify land parcels that are not used by the Office of the purpose and to prepare them for sale through an auction before September.
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