The Americans built a house from hemp

11.01.2011 08:00
To create an unusual object has the material under the name hempkrit (Hemcrete) - a mixture of industrial hemp, lime and water.

On the construction of a house in the city of Asheville, North Carolina, worked as a team of 40 volunteers, contractors and designers. The object was approved by local authorities.

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The idea to build houses out of hemp is not new. Hemcrete - a registered trade name of the material that is applied builders in Europe and Australia since 1960. the last century. The main problems with its use in the U.S. have always been local laws, the volume of deals and value, reported portal Gizmag. However, in the presence of an interesting architectural design, as is the case with the objects, they managed to solve.

Hempkrit possesses "pull" of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which certainly will like the fighters for the environment. Those who are afraid that the house of hemp attack addicts, the creators of calm: in order to "get high", everyone will have to smoke a whole bedroom.

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