The American built a house from hemp

07.10.2010 20:45
Articles about real estate | The American built a house from hemp In the USA, designer and builder Anthony Brenner erected mansion, using as a building material industrial hemp, according to Inhabitat.

Reportedly, the house of 316 square meters. m is located in Asheville, North Carolina.

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According to Brenner, he first built a flexible mesh, and load-bearing structures have been formed by a material called hemcrete - derived from the words of hemp (cannabis) and concrete (concrete) - and is a mixture of fibers of hemp, lime and water.

Resource notes that such "konoplebetonu, walls are" breathable ", but it has good insulating properties and maintain the microclimate in the house.

At the same time, the internal partitions are made of different environment-friendly material, which is based on recycled cardboard. Meanwhile, the house also installed a modern and energy efficient heating system.

It is noteworthy that such innovations were very expensive: the construction of the mansion Brenner cost approximately $ 450 thousand, but, he says, he intends to build such housing, which is safe even for young children.
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