The 10 most expensive apartments in residential complexes in Kiev

22.03.2011 15:25
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Rating Building includes the most expensive deals in residential complexes in Kiev. To rank the leading players were involved in residential real estate market of the capital - development and consulting company, real estate agencies and developers. Each of the respondents named the residential complexes of Kiev with most expensive, in his view apartments. After this edition had re-clarifying the monitoring of prices of all these objects, query the data directly from the companies that implement these projects.

In this ranking could participate only objects of the primary market, the willingness of the building framework which is at least 50%, and that ongoing construction work to date, or centers, has entered into service if the sale of apartments in them are currently underway. Ten were residential complexes, which comply with Building with the highest housing price per square meter. Leaders are ranked by cost per square meter of housing - from largest to smallest. If it turns out that some objects have the same cost, they were placed in the ranking, in alphabetical order. The average cost of housing in these housing complexes may differ materially from those contained in the ranking.

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Total number of respondents was identified more than 40 complexes with the highest price offer of 14 000 UAH. 100 000 UAH. Virtually all of the objects captured in the rating, already in operation, but still have an apartment in the primary market. Clubhouse Jardan Le Roi, as well as LCD Botanic Paradise will have fully implemented I-II quarter of 2011.

In April 2010 edition of Building has already held a similar rating. Then the three leaders also made these residential complexes, as club house on the Tithe, "Lipska Tower», Residence M27, but the order of the objects in the ranking was different - "Lipska Tower», Residence M27, club house on the Tithe. This is due to the fact that the maximum cost per square meter in the club house on the Tithe during this time increased to 97 200 UAH. up to 158,600 USD. and in LC "Lipska Tower and Residence M27 - decreased (c 243 000 UAH. up to 118 950 UAH. in LC" Lipska Tower "and 97,200 USD. up to 79 300 UAH. in Residence M27) .10's most expensive apartments in residential complexes in Kiev


LCD Title



The company, which implements the project



The maximum cost of housing (USD / sqm) *


Clubhouse at the Tithe


Knight Frank

158 600

"Lipska Tower"


HCM Realty

118 950

Residence М27


Knight Frank

79 300




Ltd. ICS "My Fortress"


79 300


Clubhouse Jardan Le Roi



TDK Investments?Building company

71 370


"Count Tolstoy"



Corporation "Granite"

51 000


The Clubhouse at Glazunov



Knight Frank

50 050

"Triumph "



47 580

Riviera Riverside


St. Sophia Homes

43 615

Botanic Paradise


Corporation "Granite"

35 000


* when compared to the prices specified by the respondents, followed by companies undertaking projects in the UAH and in U.S. dollars, the calculation was made based on the rate of NBU on 01/03/2011, $ 1 = 7.93 UAH.

The survey involved companies: A.V.S, AESI, Real Druzi, Knight Frank LLC Ukraine, Profit group, SV Development, Ukrainian Development Partners, «Alliance? Brock", "Architecture and Technology", "power? " GROUP ""Hertz", "Granite", "prikup", "TMM", "Yunava Real Estate.

All the data published in the journal, provided by companies, the objects which participate in the ranking.

Rating provides an opinion of the estimated sources and the editorial board and can not be used as official information.

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