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Articles about real estate | 0 Restoring consumer activity in residential real estate market of Moscow, began in 2009, this season has received reinforcements in the sector of country houses: the traditionally more "sluggish" compared to urban, suburban markets react to positive change with a certain lag: the buyer went to the classical ways of investing in an apartment in a "quick" product that can be used immediately, without wasting time waiting for the completion of construction, communication connections, etc.

But if in 2010 the activity in the market of country towns just beginning to recover, then starting from April 2011, the experts noted the substantial increase in the interest of buyers, and this trend intensified with the development of the summer season.

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At the same time, the "thaw" in the suburban housing market, which had been waiting for the developers, does not mean willingness to invest in any proposed project. The buyer of the new format is carefully studying the market and tends to choose the best building in his search for very specific criteria and requirements. Thus, experts note a clear dependence of the level of demand on the quality of the proposals, with the traditional "query set" - the distance from Moscow, a prestigious location, natural features, the presence of communication - through the development of a rational view of the concept of a country house filled with new criteria.

Ready infrastructure for better family living, protected territory - these and other requirements is no longer a luxury but a necessity. A growing number of buyers are choosing suburban real estate as an opportunity to expand the living space and improve the quality of life by changing a city apartment to comfort the family home. Under these conditions, the high relevance gets ready settlements - the buyers are not willing to put up with construction noise and dust in the neighborhood, preferring the opportunity to proceed immediately to furnish the house and ready to move as soon as repairs are completed.

As a result of the trend, despite the large amount fixed by analysts offers customers real choice is limited. And if you do not take into account the pending settlements, the alternatives and did little. One of these proposals - from seasoned concept, completion and full connectivity to communications - a gated development "Barvikha Hills."

Modern house with large glazing area inscribed in the natural landscape provides an opportunity to plan the interior of the house, but the journey is limited only by the complexity of decoration, which decides to implement an owner. Landscape designers have taken care of different types of windows. And thanks to the unique system of underground highways, children throughout the village can play freely without fear of motor traffic. Price for the famous Rublevki very attractive - from 120 thousand rub.za Q1. meter.

"The emergence of this concept in the market it is logical: it is on that path were the Western countries, where families traditionally tend to live and raise children in a healthy and natural environment, giving an unambiguous preference for closeness to nature, fresh air and tranquility. At the same time those who are used to style of modern urban housing - panoramic windows, stylish architecture - do not have to give up on this, - said Irina Rogachev, Director of Elite Real Estate Capital Group. - In addition, for many people own a house will provide opportunities not available within the town: separate bedrooms for each Child, personal fitness, terrace for barbecues and so on. "

Thus, developers are realizing the need for "face the customer" and to offer high quality projects to life on rational terms. Based on the new concept is beginning to form a fundamentally different format of suburban housing. In the long term trend of development - the development of "green" suburb as a progressive place to live, which has a good chance to repeat the popularity of the best Western counterparts.

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