That is undesirable to have in the house?

21.08.2011 00:30
Articles about real estate | That is undesirable to have in the house? House - a projection of the soul and body. All that is in the house one way or another connected with our subconscious desires and the future. Naturally, not every thing can benefit. Spend a little inventory of their homes and without regret, get rid of things that clutter up his energy.

Old shoes and clothes

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Dear to the heart sneakers are only good as a whole. As soon as the shoes broke or demolition, we should get rid of it. The same applies to things. It is not necessary to turn a house into a warehouse of old worn things. All this attracts negative energy and even prevent changes. Thus, experts of feng shui believe that old things difficult for women to get rid of extra pounds and bring to life the bustle and anxiety. Throwing everything, of course, is not necessary, but clean the cabinets is never too late.

Broken china

Crockery - a separate conversation. Such is the mentality - to throw out the bad dishes sorry, but in good ... too bad. We put a nice dish on a shelf in the cupboard, but a bad use every day. And every day we wonder why health problems and personal lives some kind of strange. But cracks in the pot make a crack in fate. This is not mysticism. Plates represent a family, comfort and prosperity. And if the cracked dishes, we unconsciously setting yourself up for failure. No need to pity sets and expensive sets. Live once, but a good dish at all enough.

Climbing Plants

Green pets in the house - it was good. But not curly. These plants attract a variety of diseases. However, if the plant is located on the outside of the house, it will protect him from evil eyes and trouble. Let the vines are outside your home, so you're assured of its protection.

Dry reed and feather

Many housewives love to decorate the house color and feather reed. But our ancestors believed that this could lead to disaster. There are plenty of herbs, which you can decorate your house and flavored. Dried flowers uluchayut energy, eliminate the disease and give a good mood. Change the reeds on the begonia, and conifer twigs to bring home only during the holiday season - so you'll never need positive energy.

This is only a small educational program in the field of energy management at home. You can define yourself and unnecessary things. Go to some things in the house and try to talk to her about their problems and joys. If you are uncomfortable - something strange, not yours. If you feel good, then this thing is fully charged and your energy will be able to protect your home from evil forces. 
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А хотьбы и так, все равно дерево помогло!
Небось снайперу (которого нанял твой кредитор) помешали ветки вазона на окне и пуля попала в самого твоего кредитора.
Интересно но факт - вазон с растением "денежное дерево" действительно улучшил мое финансовое состояние! Причем ставить его надо с северовосточной стороны дома (квартиры).