That can reduce the cost of housing?

30.01.2011 18:16
Articles about real estate | That can reduce the cost of housing? The Government hopes the new legislation and mortgages, experts have also not yet predict price fluctuations.

In Kiev, should build the cheapest housing in the country. This task was recently put before the metropolitan government officials, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov. 4,000 hryvnia for social and to 8,000 hryvnia on average in the city - it is the cost per square meter, which must meet Kiev builders, the new "norm" Azarov. New capital prices, according to the Prime Minister should be minimal in the country and become decisive for the other regions, according to Day. "

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Fall is "building a barometer in the capital to a given prime value?

In the view of respondents' Day "experts, at best this year will not rise in price per square meter. "I do not see any preconditions for the rise in prices", - said General Director of Real Estate "Blagovest Irina Lukhanin.

And in terms of the investment manager of the direct investment of IR Dragon Capital Alexei Zerkalova, the behavior of the real estate market will determine the pace of renewal of mortgage lending. "For the ultimate resumption of the mortgage is crucial to two factors: low interest rate at a rate of 12-13% and long-term resource. If the inflation forecasts for this year give grounds for optimism for low mortgage rates, then the "long" money problem. Resources for five to ten years yet. Therefore, the growth of the housing market will slow. The rapid rise in price and fall in the value per square meter in the next one to two years is not expected "- he says.

Vice-Premier - Minister of Social Policy Tihipko, in turn, believes that mortgage lending housing can become cheaper next year. "If we can now stimulate the mortgage in the first place to help the banking system in order to regain the demand, which we have been at least in 2007, then I believe we will immediately see a decline in housing prices", - he said the other day at a press conference in Kiev. Politicians are convinced that by the end of this year the government will do everything necessary to create good conditions for construction companies, which will lead to an increase in housing supply. "Today will be another problem for us, you must decide is not the builders - it's a matter of demand", - said Deputy Prime Minister.

But the executive director of Credit brokerage agency, a member of the Board of Ukrainian Mortgage Association Alexei Pylypets predicts rise in price of housing in the case of the government's plans for economic development. According to him, in Kiev the average price per square meter of unfinished housing is 1750 dollars, and put into operation - 2100 USD

Meanwhile, open real estate market a second wind promised the authors of the Law "On regulation of urban development (relative reduction in building permit procedures) № 7418 from 02.12.2010, which has already supported the parliament but not yet signed by the President of Ukraine.

Sergei Tyhypko, under whose guidance document was developed, called it revolutionary. "The number of licensing procedures in the building is reduced from 93 to 23 (of which the investor makes only nine), and the deadline for receipt of all necessary decisions for the start of construction will be reduced from eighteen months to two or three months" - he said at the time of enactment.

This will allow a 90% reduction in corruption component during the construction of facilities, and ten times larger inflow of investments into the sector, said Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian Construction Association Lion Partskhaladze.

Reducing corruption appetites officials to reduce the cost of a third new home, makes an optimistic prognosis Tigipko. And the introduction of zoning law to avoid unnecessary questions about the strategic development plans for cities and other settlements. "Buildings will be transparent and comprehensive", - said Tyhypko.

Solidarity with Sergei Tigipko and deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Urban Development and Housing Yuriy Serbin. "For those buildings that will build this spring, will be cheaper for buyers and builders. Depending on the attractiveness of the settlement, reduction may be about 20%, "- said the MP.

But experts are less optimistic in their assessments. Thus, from the standpoint of a lawyer JSC Vasil Kisil & Partners Anne Sisetskoy, the law contains a number of legislative omissions, inconsistencies, terminology conflicts which in the case of signing the head of state can have extremely negative consequences for the construction industry as a whole. "The bulk of its provisions, designed for an approving reaction from the public, you can not implement" - the lawyer says in a comment to the "Day". To date, explains Sisetskaya, there is no possibility of practical realization of the declared principles of "acquiescence", "Single Window", "declaratory of the principle of early action", "registration of permits for the object" and the like.

Also, the document contains a number of promising positions, requiring further systemic improvements at the level of sub-legal acts, continues to advocate. And the implementation of certain provisions of the law in general can lead to a number of abuses, according to Sisetskaya. "So vague and generalized position for a permit for construction work create opportunities and preconditions for numerous manipulations. In particular, the abolition of examination of project documentation and the introduction of the declarative principle of obtaining the right to perform construction work creates the conditions for the start of construction even in the absence of design documentation under the "Project" - detailed lawyer. - The quality of construction in this case we can only guess. "

Also today, according to the law of the Planning and Development, the public can discuss and make proposals to the general plans of settlements, detailed plans for the territories, development projects and urban areas justification, note experts. A law passed by MPs in fact deprives society of the right to make suggestions during the preparation of administrative decisions regarding development of certain areas.

However, developers of document refutes these claims. Public hearing, said in an interview with "Happy" Partskhaladze remained in the development master plan and zoninga when determining how many floors in homes can be built in a particular area, what their intended purpose, the possible contamination and the like. Here then will be held various hearings. True, the order of the hearing has not been determined. Ecological same expertise will necessarily take place only construction sites III-IV categories (bridges, stadiums, nuclear power stations and the like) having the highest levels of security, adds Partskhaladze. Monitor compliance with environmental standards will be builders and contractors of construction, because during the construction of them will come to the commission that verifies compliance with building codes. And in the event of violations would have to answer the hryvnia.

At the same time, and the authors of the law still recognizes some flaws in it. Answering a question, Is there a responsibility of officials for the late issuance of documents to developers, the head of the board of directors of Ukrainian Construction Association reported that all fines are removed. "We decided to postpone it for consideration in the decision (Cabinet of Ministers. - Auth.). We strive to remove the figures in the law because they are depending on the time may change, - explained the reason for the disappearance of the document an important point Partskhaladze. According to him, "fell out" and a section on the issue of land, which within three months to finalize. "Before the end do not have reference to a rent-free areas of apartment houses" - finally, he added.


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