That can endure through the window of your apartment?

06.02.2011 16:00
A thief ripped a son with a belt, and explained:
- Not at all you'll get whipped, you're all jam without demand gobbled up, but for the fact that the fingerprints on the left bank!

As a rule, fortochniki growth small, if not "kids". At the end of the XIX century, using his frail physique, that with specialization fortacha began its activities known cat-burglar Bezrukov. Sharper Petersburg fortochnika several times exiled to Siberia, but he was true to his profession: every time I turned back to her hometown and re-taken as the favorite thing ...

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One fortach managed to get through unsecured window in the apartment on the third floor, where lived a wealthy lady. Not become a bother removal of bulky TV and video equipment and various expensive shmotok. Proshvyrnulsya on a box in the wall and sideboard, filled his pockets full of gold and currency, and again through the window left the room. Do not be greedy, professionally operated - no nonsense not picked up. This fact is noted and the operatives who came to call the ladies on the call. Examined the crime scene, and reproached the woman that she was only on his own negligence was the victim of a skilled fortacha. But who is the lady in advance could explain that the thieves fortachi has long been considered cream residential thieves. They usually act very quickly and neatly, and therefore the percentage of detention per se is reduced to a minimum.

In our time thief Shorty employees of private security found in the toilet for the toilet. Small stature and thinness allowed him to fit out there. However, there are also quite large individuals. In Peter hunted burglar named Stork. Due to the high growth of the thief climbed on the sill, pushes a long lean torso and arms out the window and took everything, how he could reach ...

Often a trade-burglar fortacha develops crime family. For example, children recidivist Kislitsin from an early age began to master thieves specialty. Dad tucked one of two daughters (eight and ten years) to the uncovered window, they get into someone else's apartment and put it to the parent through the front door. Cute girl so trained, that in a short time, first visited in 24 others apartments. Naturally, through the windows.

Another representative of this "honor" of specialization has worked exclusively at night and got into other people's premises only through the kitchen window and only the second floor. Explanation for these things to freak just platitudes: the second story window is not equipped with grills. Did not scare him and that the owners of all 18 apartments, which he brushed, usually at home and resting a carefree sleep. The teenager, but it was a student in grade 11, for climbing use rainwater and gas pipes, roofs over the porches of houses. Due to its thinness quietly crept into the kitchen window and began to crawl flat. In the bedroom, never climbed to collect master's good enough, bathroom or hallway and, of course, most kitchens. It is in these areas hostess often leave wallets, valuables and jewelry that is removed before bedtime. Often because it happens: they come from the work, the woman throws her purse in the hallway, a purse in the kitchen, earrings, rings, precious pendants with chains and brooches in the bathroom in a conspicuous place so as not to forget to put them back on themselves in the morning. Left the apartment to a young fortach the same way, sometimes just jumping to the ground. That treads its shoes in the snow and helped detectives. Trail of the killer led to a local school. And then detectives began to suspect that the owner of a small shoe size is in it and learns. They took him in the act when he wanted to "drive" kidnapped on the eve of the casket. Not enough money for a game console ...

Once, in Moscow there was quite an anecdotal case of spouses L., living on the ground floor of a five-story building. Returning in the evening the guests, they found in his apartment a strange picture. In the kitchen at the table were two bottles of vodka, open a bank with pickles and a glass. About the bathroom could be seen men shoes of unknown origin and two suitcases, which hosts the apartment immediately recognized her. And in the bath, among the soaked clothes, slept dressed stranger.

Arrived ten minutes later a detachment of militia chained wet fortacha in handcuffs and taken to the office. It turned out that, already drunk, the man climbed into the apartment through the window, carefully folded vending him things in a suitcase and was about to leave. But for some reason, looked into the refrigerator. There's an inexperienced burglar and found two bottles of vodka and a jar of pickles. What happened next, he remembered vaguely.

50.16 KBOsobuyu activity fortachi show, when the street is hot or stuffy. Not all owners can afford to install expensive conditioning in the home setting, but because of its role, as in ancient times, performs an ordinary pane. It is understandable that people are sleeping with open windows, not thinking that through this "pass" someone could visit their apartment. In this case, and thieves are well studied habits, reflexes, and the psychology of the tenants, and therefore get into an apartment in the predawn hours, when sleep most strong. Theft committed at dawn, the thieves have come up with even the title: "Good morning!".

It would seem that whether or not at great risk, if through the window is still not much to carry. How do you say ... Some criminals leave the apartment with the booty through the front door. And there are only ones that have a very short time through the same vent time to turn around several times.

To discourage fortachey desire to get into the apartment and pohozyaynichat there, there are a few helpful hints. First, never leave the air vents, and even more windows open. And when the house is repaired and is covered by forests, it is best to close the window by a thin metal or rigid plastic mesh.

Second, owners of apartments on the ground floor on a mandatory basis are advised to close windows with metal bars. If not, then the apartment can attract not only professional thief.

And thirdly, when leaving the apartment, not too lazy to check whether all windows and vents closed and latches. And do not think that if your ventilator quite small, then a thief it does not crawl through. Crawl through. Skilled fortach cope with the narrow openings. And if the hole still will not figure it would invite podsobit hilenkogo teenager.
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