Than face a new tax on housing?

01.07.2011 09:54
Articles about real estate | Than face a new tax on housing? The need to replenish the state budget through taxation authorities say a long time, but today it became known that the first "swallow" all the same will be the new property tax.

And, judging by the statements of President, in the "experiment" will be introduced in some regions as early as next year. All-Russian "Start" - 2013. What is the face to every Russian, tried to calculate the real estate market experts.

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President of Russia considers it necessary to start a "run-in" a new tax on residential property since the next year, but only in those regions, where by that time should be completed cadastral valuation of capital construction projects. Judged according to Ministry of Economic Development, the experimental area could be 12 regions of the country. This - Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Krasnodar Territory, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Irkutsk, Kaliningrad, Kemerovo, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov, Samara, Tver and Kaluga region.

"The concepts of" market "and" fair tax "used by officials trying to explain the" benefits "of innovation, in fact diametrically opposed"
None of the expert community would argue with the fact that the new tax is necessary and the method of estimating the cost of housing in the BTI has nothing to do with the market prices of apartments and houses. But at the same time none of the experts interviewed LOOK properties, failed to articulate a new tax mechanism, more precisely, the amount that the state is going to charge every citizen of Russia.

"The main problem is not so much in the cadastral valuation of the huge housing market in Russia, - says CEO of consulting agency" M.I.P.R. "Gennady Averyanov. - In fact, the government has in mind not one but two new tax mechanism. Very controversial position that it will contribute to the output tax of the total housing market on the market, reduce the cost per square meter and generally will be "good" for everyone, but no longer have to pay. This is contrary to everything that can be read only in "smart books" on the economy. It does not happen and can not be. Or pay more, or - this is not the market and not "good."

"Drive in a dead end and does not allow assessment of innovation that offer just two power-gathering - with natural deduction and depending on the appraised value - says the latest news bureau analyst" Investment Company "property management" Eugene Sviblov. - The most nebulous position of "tax deduction" because it implies a very precise mechanism for calculating how the value of a particular meter in a concrete house and apartment, and also, how many meters do not have to pay. We have a huge country, a huge housing market, some of which, moreover, very much belongs to the category of "dilapidated" or "abnormal." Will pay citizen living in the house, who had never seen repairs, pay as much as the owner of the new buildings, or "strong Stalinka" - it is not clear. Will pay, relatively speaking, a resident of the Urals as much for his "square" as a Muscovite - it is not clear. If it will be different amounts, then on what basis? Questions still more questions than answers in the statements of authorities. "

Newspaper "Crossroads" brings a new tax calculation for Kaluga, who made a professional appraiser housing. "Today the cost of housing inventory is determined by the methodology in 1969 - said Nikolai Fokin. - Experts calculate the cost of construction per square meter concrete house, and depending on the apartment square footage is determined by its inventory value at which the calculated tax. Whichever is the year of construction and the degree of wear at home. "

Now the property tax rate is 0.1 to 2% of inventory value is determined by local authorities. The size of the new rate is still unknown, but makes suggestions to make the collection to be 0.1% of market value. "If the transfer rate in real money, it turns out that, for example, a three-room apartment in the center of Kaluga inventory value of up to 500 thousand, and the market - three million rubles will have to pay about 3,000 rubles a year - said the expert. - Given that today kaluzhane pay for the apartment of about 1,500 rubles. " But it is - a tax only for the property, and the new tax will include more and pay for the land, and at the same rate - 0.1%, says valuer. This rate will be calculated from the value which these days is determined cadastral authorities Kaluga. But even so it is understandable that you would pay more than everybody.

As previously reported Vzglyad Properties, the so-called "natural deduction" offers of Economic Development. This type of tax suggests that the area of ​​the apartment will be given a certain amount of credit, for which a person will not be charged. For example, it will be equal to 50 square meters, and over all the surplus will have to pay extra. Depending on the type and quantity of housing prescribed for people of this area.

This option aims, according to its authors, the fact that living in cramped conditions, pay less.

The second option - it is charging tax on the appraised value of the property.

The proposal does not involve the Ministry of Finance experts of any privileges, but in fact, experts say, is absolutely the market, so much so that the country was to him simply not ready.

"The concept of" market price "is quite arbitrary - the director," Bureau of information support for investments "Victor Shcherbakov. - It is not stable. Ministry of Regional Development said that every year it will be reviewed. Based on what? Ballots for the sale of housing? Actual amounts of transactions? But we all know that no more than 5% of the selling and buying contracts do not fit into the real numbers of the transaction, preferring the intricate scheme to bank cells, ie, with add "black cash". The question is - how to determine the market value of this? ".

Regarding the first option of calculating the tax, the authorities calm, declaring that the rights of the poor will be protected. It is assumed that the apartments of 55 square meters of land and 6 acres will be taxed at zero rate. That is, they do not have to pay anything. But in a database of BTI in Moscow, for example, the number of flats up to 12%. If there are at least an inch, this means that still have to pay. Incidentally, most pensioners live in that house. Recall that even a few tenths of a meter deprive the owners' tax immunity. "

"For me it is not clear whether the tax is different for different categories of housing - said the head of the Moscow real estate company Victor Ovchinnikov. - How much will pay for economy class and a "business". Another problem - that is considered in Moscow "model" housing, for example, an apartment in 70-80 meters, in the province is considered "expensive mansions." They will have to pay for the same or not? "

Does not understand how tax will be levied even in the "pilot" regions and the president of Russian Guild of Realtors (RGR), Grigory Poltorak. "The main thing is that the tax should not affect the poor and the very structure must be such as to not aimed at getting money into the budget, and the goal was the revival and revitalization of the market", - he said in an interview with RIA Novosti. - Everywhere to look for the "golden mean", but clearly a greater burden should be on the owners of expensive housing. "

"The position of" let the rich pay more, "too, is hardly fair if the government says it is in terms of moral, - says Evgeny Sviblov. - Why, in fact, "even though they pay more?" We must not talk about "more" and the objective assessment of square footage occupied housing regardless of the number prescribed in one housing. But then the poor will have to pay. The state can not allow this, but sit on two chairs, too, can not. "

According to experts, real estate tax would have a significant impact on the entire housing market. First, the tax would inevitably lead to the fact that not very wealthy owners of the "extra" meters will be exchanged or sold homes. In Russia, the average is footage of a man at 15 square meters, which is 3-3.5 times lower than in Europe, and 4.5-5 times - than in the U.S.. A necessary and this figure is reduced. Another option for the majority simply will not, given the low incomes of Russians.

Gennadiy Poltorak said that the tax should revive the market, but it will happen at the expense of those who have surplus property. "In the world of practice - this is wrong. They will be forced to run them in turn - to sell or lease and if the tax is correct - it should stimulate the market ", - he said.

In addition, continued Poltorak, the tax will affect the liquidity of some objects, because now people will be more cautious attitude to buying extra 1-2 thousand meters, "while those who buy the palaces, not think about it."

In "Inkom-real estate" believe that the new property tax will affect the volume of demand. "The sooner it is introduced, the sooner we will feel the consequences. Even if the amount of the deduction will amount to 0.1% of the market value of the property owners, if not most, mainly concerned pensioners and poor families, reflect on a more modest accommodation ", - he said.

"The tax will reduce the number of investment deals with housing, - the general director of audit company Olga Svershneva. - More apartments will go for rent, and related to the category of "budget". Hence, by increasing the proportion of "poor" will increase the cost of rented apartments rent for quality accommodation, as it will be less. The same category of housing prices will spur sales in the "good" homes. That is, the tax will act as a "redistribution of the accelerator and the market", and not in favor of the poor. The concepts of "market" and "fair tax", which at the same time, many officials are trying to explain the "benefits" of innovations, diametrically opposite in fact. And do not engage in self-deception, but rather to clearly explain how and why it will pay. "

Director General of Penny Lane Realty George Dzagurov told RIA Novosti that "a reasonable person could not be any contradictions in the head with respect to the tax on real estate or luxury, especially in Russia." "We were very lucky to live in Russia, because we have high returns from the use of real estate. Here in America, 4% are from the rental of housing, 1.5% tax takes - that and the remaining 2.5%. And everyone is happy. So there is nothing wrong with that we do not "- said the expert.

However, this view - very private, with which many realtors do not agree. A simple calculation: 3-bedroom apartment in 'good' area of ​​Moscow in the area of ​​75-80 meters is today no less than 500 thousand dollars. "The yield from the date of no more than 5% (with quality repairs you can rent out for 1.8-2.2 thousand dollars), - said the capital's real estate agent real estate office Promyslov Helena. - It's - not counting the tax. So, what about "do not worry we do not have" a respected judge was wrong. We do not have a country superdohodov of the lease. Payback purchase of this apartment is fifteen to twenty years. What kind of windfall is there to say? "

It is believed that the tax benefit from realtors and developers. They say they will get additional leverage on the poor, with large apartments in prestigious areas of the city. Realtors - income from resale to builders - cheapening the cost of resettlement houses to be demolished and construction on their new location. But anyway, do not cheapen the repartition of the market it, and would tend to increase in prices, according to many respondents VIEW Real Estate Experts of the housing market. 
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