Than attractive rural property?

08.01.2014 00:45
Articles about real estate | Than attractive rural property? Rapid urbanization and technological advances of modern man shackled to the stone world, consisting of regular geometric forms , and the noise of a contaminated air . Meanwhile, psychologists have long shown that the health of the nervous system of man there is nothing better than natural asymmetry and silence. The benefits of clean air to talk too . That is why today more and more residents megapolista seek to move from the city to the suburbs , or at least get a vacation property to be able to spend the weekend there .
Reservations country and overseas nezhvizhimosti help you navigate the suburban real estate market . We offer you a wide selection of cottage townships located in all regions of Ukraine.

Those who can not afford homes can buy townhouses near Kiev . Distance from cities affects well on state of the environment , and the cost of this cottage will be significantly lower .

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Our site provides the opportunity to purchase not only the suburban real estate, but also real estate abroad. With the economic crisis , such an acquisition could be a worthwhile investment of your funds. To do this , pay attention to the countries that have already begun to emerge from the crisis . Buy a cottage in Lithuania or Finland can be a good investment with a high percentage of return.

But let's take a closer look at the advantages of suburban real estate .

Pluses country house

The most important advantage of living in a country house is a good ecological situation in the suburbs . Contemplation of the bright green , clean air and singing birds can work wonders with our nervous system. A man - a child of nature . Therefore , being in her womb , we recover quickly , get a charge of vivacity and vitality. Megacities excessively load the nervous system, which leads to stress and depression sluggish . Some believe that living in close proximity to the ground is devoid of comfort. But this is misleading. Modern cottage villages are built with all the achievements of modern civilization . Even economy class homes supplied engineering and communication networks that meet the latest standards.

Another advantage of living in a country house is the presence of the infield. How to use this site every resolves on its own . Others prefer to break ground on its garden - garden, and someone organizes a comfortable seating area with gazebo and barbecue . Both options are good . Both allow you to relax , escape from the city. If you decide to have a garden , then in addition to outdoor activities , you get organic vegetables and fruit grown in your area .

Buying property in the suburbs , you tend to get along with the house and garage. You have completely no problem locating your vehicle. The city purchase garage - these are additional costs.

The population density in a very small cottage communities in comparison with cities . Living out of town, you can spend days not to meet with the neighbors. Often desire to spend some time in solitude - it is a necessity for the inhabitants of the city.

And of course , a country house - is, first of all, prestige. The most prestigious cottages are those that are within a radius of 30 km from Kiev, they are also the most expensive. Among this group of cottages is very popular Odessa , Vyshgorod and Obukhov direction .

However, life in a country house has a negative side.

Cons of a country house

Housing estates today are mostly not completed. And in connection with the financial crisis , some of the cottages is in " the eternal construction site ."

Construction in the village leads to an increase of construction waste , noise, unsightly appearance of those streets which are unfinished house.

But the main disadvantage of living in the country are traffic problems . As a rule, in the rush hour is difficult to enter quickly because of the large number of traffic jams. This trend is particularly well looked through in the summer, when the townspeople are moving out of the city , but continue to travel to Kiev to work on their own cars.

In some towns economy class can not be too well developed infrastructure . But residents elite cottage villages with a similar problem should not encounter . In elite settlements present everything you need from shops and pharmacies , to schools, restaurants and beauty salons.
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