Terms and concepts of country real estate

29.08.2010 11:24
Articles about real estate | Terms and concepts of country real estate The concepts of "cottage", "Private" and "cottage", the difference between that most people do not feel, come to us from different languages and cultures. The term "cottage" appeared in our country about XV-XVI centuries, came from the verb "give", meaning the house in the village, which could endow the monarch a servant of the Fatherland. Although the house in the village "- it is too say the least, rather it was a mansion with adjoining village. A special luxurious villas differed beginning of the XIX century, which, in fact, were not simply "little house in the village, and entire country residence in magnificent palaces, striking examples of which can be seen today in the village of Archangel and Kuskovo. In Soviet times, the notion of "giving" has to mean more modest wooden buildings, almost cabins, and land for garden and orchard. The most striking that the term "cottage" is used today, and far beyond our vast country. For example, in modern Germany in traversing the word that came out of the modern Russian language, the Germans call them a small country house, which is constructed, usually with their own hands.

But the concept of "cottage" and "villa" occurred many centuries ago. The word translated from Latin means "village". By the end of the first millennium BC, was called by this word as a small rural village in Italy, and great ownership nobles. These estates in most cases represented a range of facilities on the territory of the enclosure: a magnificent palace with its colonnades, pavilions and porticos, as well as various types of farm buildings. A striking example of the villa are extant estate of Emperor Hadrian in Tibure. The entire complex of buildings houses bless a high wall, outside which there were gardens and fields belonging to the owner of the villa. Today, a similar character buildings can be found among the possessions of country representatives of show business and the wealthy businessmen who hold real estate in France, Spain and other scenic spots of our planet. Viewers of soap operas, which captured the television, they know the Spanish name for such residential complexes. In German they are called "estate", which have economic destiny.

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The term "cottage" in European history meant quite different things than they are today. This word comes from the Scots language of the Middle Ages, and literally means "a peasant who lives in the farm. That is, originally the term meant nothing as the country house of a peasant.

The first association that arises when the word "estate" - a big beautiful house nest of some ancient family. And indeed, this fiefdoms Russian nobles, where they lived. Historically, the estate - a complex of buildings, which includes a manor house with a complex of residential and ancillary buildings. The concept of the estate includes farms, where animals are grown, and the park, and stable.

Today, many of the wealthy owners of estates even repeat patronage exploits of their ancestors and fitted with the manor rural schools, or even to build churches. A rich landlord can afford not only charity, but also to provide pleasure for body and soul. Nobody restricts the imagination - a number of the homestead can arrange a golf course where you can meet with business partners on the weekends, or build, as in olden times, the stables.
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