Tens of thousands of dollars given to people to build their houses, sank into obscurity

03.12.2011 00:30
Articles about real estate | Tens of thousands of dollars given to people to build their houses, sank into obscurity In the housing co-operative "Marin Builder" in the Odessa region is Sauvignon anomalous situation - tens of thousands of dollars given to people to build their houses, sank into obscurity.

Creating a cooperative started in 2004. According to the submitted master plan, planned to build 282 cottages of varying complexity, a well-developed infrastructure, good roads, green areas, swimming pools and other pleasures of life. Potential residents of the village "western standard" have started to invest in building a lot of money.

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"Then, in 2004, for quite reasonable money we were promised is not just a house, which can build any Moldavian. We were promised the "American way of life" - swimming pools, meeting rooms, tennis courts, children's playgrounds. To this we fell for, "- said Vladimir Zawadzki, a member of the cooperative.

Under the agreement, people on a monthly basis to come to the office, where the left and round the amount received checks. Where it is and what the money goes, so nobody knew. Because no one member of the cooperative's estimates of his house and was not represented. Moreover, the guidelines before the construction of the cooperative members are not held accountable - for eight years was not held any meetings. The Audit Commission also does not fulfill its functions.

Lack of estimates of the chairman of HBC, "Marin Builder" Alexander Kapinos commented as follows: in connection with the "success of construction projects' need for them was not. The fact that none of the home owner does not know how many of his possessions actually are, the management of the cooperative pays no attention.

The turning point came in 2008, in the midst of the crisis. Promised the people at home have not yet been completed, and the cost of building materials, as chairman of the HBC, increased by three to four times. People were faced with a choice - either pay the money, that many did not expect, or be left with nothing.

"In 2007 we saw the ads, which promised to be there as well. We sold the house in Witted, located on the beach and all the money invested here. We were assured that the house will be built next year. In 2009, we asked how we are working on what we were told that because of the crisis with nothing done. We were offered a house in which at that time was only built the foundation. Later it turned out that this foundation crack, flooded with water. Chairman of the cooperative for two years now promises to solve our problem, but more than talk it does not go. Now I own the ruins for 250 thousand dollars and do not know when I will have a roof over your head ", - said Elena Svyatoshnyuk, depositor.

Then, allegedly in connection with debt investors, the construction of houses began to detain. The contributors who gave more than six years ago, a lot of money, still looking at the bases of houses and looking for the promised view of courts, where the grass is now growing.

Almost all of the owners of the unfinished houses are dissatisfied with their condition. During the years of inactivity they collapsed concrete, the walls went crack foundations flooded with water.

"We paid 64,000 dollars, but the work was not completed in time, and what was done, the quality standards do not meet. For the money we had made only a base, first, however, after the first rain turned into a swimming pool ", - said Sergei, the owner of an expensive cap.

"At the end of 2006 I became a member of the cooperative and paid an initial fee of $ 32 thousand dollars. I was promised a house in the fourth quarter of 2008. For two years I've been doing all contributions, the total of which amounted to almost 40,000. For the money I now have a one-story unfinished building, which has already begun to crack over time, and sprinkle with concrete bricks. To live in this house I do not want to, because it is simply dangerous. The last three years, I have nothing to promise. Only offered in place of my house to buy another 200 thousand dollars, which is actually 150,000. I do not know what to do next, "- complains Topolnitsky Daniel, a member of the cooperative.

"My initial payment in 2006 amounted to 65% of the total amount of the cottage. I kept watching the construction of his mother and left to work abroad. When he returned four years later, I saw only the base was built. The following year I did not go and "pushed" to the chairman of the cooperative as a result of what I built the first floor, whose walls were cracked soon. Now I have to carry out the dismantling of some money, "- said Sergey heel.

Such similar stories of many more. At this point cooperative members are interested in, what went on huge amounts of money they have? According to their estimates, is approximately $ 10 million.

Meanwhile, President Alexander Kapinos says that on account of the company has no money, and all contributions received are spent on operating expenses. This happened as a result of the crisis, and now the pace of construction depends only on the rate of income from debtors.

"We stopped at many houses, and now do not want to end up paying. The owners of houses under construction have another 21 million, and the owners of houses built - 11 million. The money that is now coming to the account, go to infrastructure development ", - said Alexander Kapinos.

Company's financial position also suffered badly due to the two court cases in which it participates. Probably why the master plan cooperatives in 2008 was significantly reduced compared with the original plan, which naturally aroused the indignation of its members.

"So what we get paid for the land, which we now do not?" - They ask, but can not find an answer.

November 26 at the long-awaited meeting of the cooperative, it was decided to conduct an audit for all 8 years. In search of truth deceived people are even willing to organize it for the money. But even if the audit none of them knows when the last settlers will be happy and be there at all.

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