Tenants sued the owner of the house with ghosts

27.06.2012 19:00
Articles about real estate | Tenants sued the owner of the house with ghosts The American pair of Chinchilla, JosÉ and his fiancee Michelle Kellan sued the owner of the house in Toms River, in New Jersey. Employers are outraged that a property owner failed to warn that with them in the house will live poltergeist. According to tenants, they hear at night, all sorts of weird noises, slamming doors, and they are faced with inexplicable flashes of light, and someone else pulls off these sheets. A couple even asked for help to the local "Coastal Research Society supernatural." Arriving experts have confirmed that the house really is something paranormal, reports News.ru.

As a result, Jose and Michelle sued the owner of the amount of security deposit of $ 2250, claiming that the paranormal activity in the building forced them to move out a week after arrival.

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In turn, the home owner thinks that his tenants did not scare any ghosts, but rents of $ 1,500, so they invented "ghost story" to benefit out of the lease. A man has filed a counterclaim against the pair. The hearing is expected later this month.

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