Ten tips for beginners realtor

30.10.2010 12:00
Occupation Realtor does not require special education. Realtors often economists, educators and psychologists. Statutory rights, responsibilities and qualification requirements for the realtor is often not regulated. Therefore, the estate agent, along with other people's experiences obtained in the workplace, there is always a chance of advancement, building up its own expertise, carefully analyzing their failures, choosing the best approaches to abnormal situations and introducing intelligent innovations at different stages of work.

Realtors, who started work recently had to deal with crises: the decline in demand for purchase of apartments and long-term rental of residential and commercial real estate and, consequently, with a drop of income real estate companies. A large number of companies over the last year simply ceased to exist. But do not despair. If you chose this profession right now, then most likely you are - not random people, chasing super profit in a short time, and you have the opportunity to succeed in the future, where will the growth of the real estate market.

So, advice:

1. First of all, do not hesitate to take other people's experiences. While you are - beginner, you will have in many cases, act on the pattern, so as not to fill those bumps that are already stuffed up you experienced comrades. And only after some time you can throw archaisms and unwanted items, replacing them with newer and rational methods of work.

2. Look for reputable sources of information and draw from there, as from the well, until you feel sufficiently informed. These sources can be specialized magazines and newspapers, real estate forums on the Internet, experienced real estate brokers familiar. Of all mass media always give preference to the most current and relevant.

3. In moments of downtime at work, which now can be much, in any case not "Burn" time. To educate ourselves, receiving the information from the above sources. Study the laws relating to real estate activity. Promote yourself, distributing business cards and other materials with your contact information. Keep your own blog and participate in discussion forums on the Internet.

4. Crank useful contacts. This may be acquainted with people already connected with real estate and dating just with people. Today is a nice companion - tomorrow loyal customer. Who wants to be friends, and he himself should be friendly. This council gives the oldest book of mankind - the Bible. People associated with real estate, will immediately recognize the motives of your desire to maintain a relationship with them and you go to a meeting just in case and you'll be good for them or just zarekomenduete itself as an indispensable and well-organized person.

5. Very bad if at the beginning of his career, you'll always remember about business and being late to meetings. You just need to develop its own system of reminders that will help you keep up everywhere. I have already touched on in the last article the theme of self-organization realtor.

6. Honor guard in his youth. Russian proverb right: authority and respect are earned for very long and hard, but life is not so long that many times begin all over again. Strive to have at the start of the surrounding saw in you a reliable and responsible partner and employee. Then you start working on word of mouth.

7. Do not jump over my head. Or, in other words, do not break the chain of command. This applies to work in the existing team. What you may find the initiative, others can not only appreciate but also condemned. First, carefully look around and learn the internal rules, and then begin to act. Otherwise you have any enemies.

8. Do not jump the gun. There are situations where an extract useful haste. There is even such a thing as "useful laziness." The meaning of this laziness is that some things will quickly lose relevance, and if you are too hasty, surpassing the necessary sequence of actions, then the time will be wasted without a positive result. But do not go to the other extreme, when a delay could lead to failure.

9. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Try to eat well, adequate sleep and keeping physically active. If something out this will not suffice, others will be immediately noticeable in your appearance or worsening of sagging performance and irritability. Protect your health!

10. Cultivate a positive mindset. Try to notice about not only the bad. On the contrary, seek to create themselves an atmosphere of friendliness. Learn to switch and to plan work and leisure, or chronic fatigue will not allow you to significantly improve the world around us. Remember: positive attracts people like a magnet. They will subconsciously strive to perceive themselves as failing.

Some of these tips are general in nature and thus can help not only to realtors. In the future I will continue to consider the particular real estate profession. I welcome your feedback about the usefulness of this blog.
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Да, статья для начинающих риэлторов на самом деле очень полезна. Когда я начинал работать в сфере недвижимости, к великому сожалению приходилось набираться опыта без каких либо подсказок.