Ten reasons to see Paris, not to die and want to return

19.01.2012 00:15
Articles about real estate | Ten reasons to see Paris, not to die and want to return Journey - a small life, adventure, a memorable stay. It teaches "more than anything else. Sometimes one day in other locations, provides more than ten years of life at home "*. With this it is impossible not to agree. Today the "owner" will talk about the ten reasons to visit Paris.

Paris attracts many people, most likely, it's magic, but you can always try to uncover the secrets of magic. Of course, you can meet people that this city is not caught, they have resisted his charms, but there are loyal fans. So what makes people come back to the capital of France?

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First, the architecture of the city. In Paris have to walk, to breathe its air, drink coffee or wine in outdoor cafes, treat windows and admire everyone. This city combines history and modernity, there is a home from the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and there is neoclassical and art nouveau masterpieces. Personally, I mil osmanovsky Paris: gray, tile, floors, laced with iron railings, balconies and small elongated windows. This face of Paris. I love Paris and night. Under the light of lanterns street transformed, vanity away, leaving only the majesty. Historic buildings are illuminated in the dark, and there is always disturbing people. You can admire the architecture and long in silence. And you can admire the windows. Many of them are decorated at the level of art.

Second, this city-museum, where there is something to see. The most famous and visited museum - the Louvre. This is one of the largest art museums in the world, which holds such artifacts as a collection of Hammurabi, statues of Venus de Milo and Nike of Samothrace, the world-famous masterpieces of painting - the Mona Lisa (Mona Lisa) and other paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt's works, Titian and Delacroix. Of course, the Louvre to visit, but I would not break if the input queue is unthinkable and is not moving as fast as we would like. I love Paris in the small museums with private collections. So the museum Jacquemart-Andre in the 8th District was created out of a private home of Edward and Nelly Jacquemart Andre, where the works of art from the collection of the spouses. Here are collected the masterpieces of Italian Renaissance, the French school of fine arts of the XVIII century and Flemish masters. Interesting in this museum is not only painting, but also the house, its furnishings. By visiting this museum, you can get an idea about the life of the bourgeoisie, under Napoleon III.

Continue the acquaintance with the life of wealthy Parisians, the beginning of XX century can be at the Museum Nissim de Camondo. Here is the collection of works of art of the XVIII century. All subjects were part of the life of the family. According to the will of the museum founder Moses de Camondo, the collection should remain in that form in which he had left it at the same places and in the same composition. The museum is named after the creator's son, who died during the First World War. Open for viewing three floors: on the ground "basement" floor kitchen on the ground - a room for receiving guests, while the second - private apartments. The situation includes embroidered chairs of the masters of the royal furniture store, carpets XVII century tapestries of Beauvais and Aubusson and pictures Elizabeth Louise Vige, Hardy, Jean-Baptiste Audrey. Separate interest table porcelain dinner set especially Eagles and porcelain set Buffon with birds.

Thirdly, Paris has always been the capital of fashion, so it is especially attractive for fashionistas. Its shops and boutiques - shopaholic's dream: all nice and glossy, and sometimes even red carpet at the entrance. However, prices are high and are unavailable for many. But there is a way out. Not far from Paris is the center of shops stock La VallÉe Village, where shops are gathered brands: Armani, Bally, Diesel, Guess, Joseph, Salvatore Ferragamo, Sandro, Kenzo, Burberry Womenswear, Max Mara and other merchandise is sold here previous collections with big discounts (almost always the price is halved from the original, and sometimes more). Come better in the morning, as the time for shopping will be unnoticed. It is beautiful here, where there is a snack and a rest. The center works seven days a week, except on May 1, December 25 and January 1. You can ride on the RER A to stop the Val d'Europe, then 10 minutes walking through a large shopping center, which stands right at the station.

Many people come to France to make a real feast of the abdomen. In a country where culinary tradition raised to the rank of art, you just need to forget about dieting. "Owners" have written about the restaurants of Paris, but theme of gastronomy in France is inexhaustible. For example, French pastries! Baguette and bread with a crisp and intoxicating fragrance itself just begs for a purchase, and it is immediately necessary to heat and heat, as the evening bread zacherstveet, is really his property. Bakeries in Paris a lot, and all good. I think that everyone will find their fragrance on, because the smell of fresh bread envelops the capital early in the morning. In addition to bread at the bakery and cakes are available. And this pride in France, so a limit is simply impossible.

But still here to enjoy the flowers. Flower markets in Paris were always there and now. Trading starts early in the morning, but really, if awakened, and came, the form provided fantastic. The sea of ​​different colors for every taste and purse will appear before you. If in its legal holiday and nothing will make you get up early in the morning, you can simply stroll along the flower shop, whose number in this city is huge. Florists, like everything in France, welcoming, beautiful and unique. Skip to impossible, since the goods exposed on the street, and the beauty of his head is spinning.

In general, the French have long been a passion for flowers. In the XIX century, floral central market of Paris began to work at three o'clock in the morning to six flowers are sold resellers: hawkers, street sellers, owners of shops. Flowers decorated the house then, hairstyles and costumes. Now the ratio of the colors has changed somewhat, but still give the hostess bouquets when they go to visit, on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, send to the wedding the newlyweds, as well as buying just for the weekend.

To be in Paris and do not buy perfume - a crime. In the French capital just need to find their flavor, because this country has long been considered a European center of perfume and cosmetics industry. Of course, now the French perfume are nothing new, but there are still unusual, exclusive collectible flavors, which are worth buying in Paris.

For example, a 34 avenue Montaigne and 90 rue de Faubourg Saint-Honore boutiques perfume house Caron. This is one of the oldest perfume houses in the world, and look here is not just for flavor, but also to enjoy the refined atmosphere of shops where you recreate the spirit of a noble house the boudoir of the XIX century.

At 5 rue d'Alger is a young boutique homes Francis Kurkdjian, founded in 2009. Here you can buy perfumes, order your individual flavor, and you can buy a perfumed leather bracelet for home fragrances, fabric softener, and even the solution to bubbles.

Lover of unusual flavors should look into the shop Etat Libre d'Orange at 69 rue des Archives. This is where you can buy a provocative aromas with notes of iodine, adrenaline, blood, etc. Among the flavors are "Free Republic of Orange," "Wonderful secretion," "Fat Electrician," "Divine Child", "Flattery traitor," "Gum in the church. "

One of the most beautiful perfume boutiques of Paris is located on the Champs Elysees (68 avenue des Champs-ElysÉes). He owns the house Maison Guerlain and is in a historic building is almost 100 years. The interior of the store during this time has not changed, and here you can admire the golden mosaics, marble counters, mirror, oak staircase and a huge crystal chandelier, and get exclusive creations and collectible scents, which produce a limited edition (sometimes 50 copies).

For these classical French perfume should be sent to the 10, rue Saint-Lazare in store Detaille. The brand appeared in 1905 and during that time produced only ten flavors (five male and five female) and three more cologne. All these products was established early last century and therefore is considered a classic, timeless.

Those wishing to buy cosmetics, popular among the French youth are sent to the Beauty Lounge boutique at 13 rue Ferdinand Duval.

If you are going to Paris to enjoy shopping, you should remember and flea markets. It sells everything: furniture, furnishings, paintings, carpets, porcelain, vintage toys, records, cameras, jewelry, coins and much more. In order to find something valuable, you must spend time, but there is always a chance to find a unique thing that you do not even dreamed of. If you have goods in these markets is not a rarity, and junk, then you can just walk through a museum of antiques in the open. Addresses and hours of flea markets can be found in the guidebook, but the biggest is near Paris in Saint-Ouane.

The theater, as you know, begins with a hanger, but the view of the city can draw on the toilet. These places are needed and in demand, and often we put up with any latrines, as the most important thing that they exist at all. However, in the Paris street toilets are especially surprising. Metal booths are different from Moscow's blue plastic structures not only design, but also clean. Paris, as many know, in the last decade was not listed in the neat and clean world capitals, but the street free toilet is striking in its purity. The fact is that after each visit booth closes automatically, by washing, automatic air freshener sprays, but only after the stall may go next. Involuntarily recall Zoshchenko line: "You can gasp with delight and surprise. Magic purity, blue walls, violets are on the shelf. Just go reluctance. Better than a cafe. "

Paris - it's not just sights, the people who live in it. That Parisians stacked our impression of the city, they are not like us, and sometimes it's worth a look.

So every Frenchman knows how to live for yourself. He does not try to impress others with their appearance, property or bank account. Residents of the capital not splurge, they are happy with themselves. There is no cult of appearance, Parisians prefer to dress modestly and unobtrusively, and cosmetics are very moderate. In Paris, have not taken an expensive car that is capable of impressing its size and price, the citizens prefer to ride on mopeds and bicycles.

In addition, the French - sample courtesy. "Hello," "Goodbye," "thank you" and "excuse me" sounds everywhere: in the shop at the museum ticket office. You can certainly find fault and that they do so not from the heart, the soul that they were never interested. But do not growl, do not act out on our own life's problems! They are well brought up, it is visible and it is impressive.

And it does not matter which of the above will attract you to the French capital. The main thing - to be able to feel it, to stay with Paris alone, and then the city will captivate you forever.


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