Ten habits that lead to poverty

27.10.2010 08:26
Wealth can not be equated to the feeling of happiness. But it was wealth allows people to feel important, valued, respected and influential! And most importantly, wealth can be free in that man does.<br /><br />Let's look at the other side! Try to allocate ten habits that lead to poverty.<br /><br />1. Feeling of regret in relation to itself.<br /><br />Configured on the poverty people feel sorry for yourself and believe that being rich is not destined to them. Someone pity myself for being born a woman (because men have more opportunities), some spare himself for a full figure (because slim people get better jobs), someone mourns his height, nationality, skin color , the religion of ancestors, some people feel sorry for yourself for what is still not married and not married, others are crying because of the ring on the ring finger, or because the stamp of divorce, the young see the source of problems in the inexperience, the elderly - in their age. Do you think that if people spared themselves because of some unimportant fact and all day to focus on it, as will come people around him? Self-pity - a great way to get multi-ton anchor that will stop you on the path of personal development and ensure eternal poverty. Feeling sorry for myself - this is the best method for finding low-wage jobs and gaining a miserable existence.<br /><br />2. Greed.<br /><br />Constant search for a price tag that says "Save" and store with a banner "Sale", a reluctance to pay for good education of their children (because you no one is helping), the desire to make the staff of his own company to work as much as possible for less money - that's right indications that the second habit of poor people in you already have. Striving for a total savings - not a sign of wisdom, and an indicator that you are experiencing an imbalance of income and expenditure and approaches to resolving the wrong side. Programmed for wealth people willing to pay for things by their real value and generously reward the labor of his aides - and expects the same from others.<br /><br />3. Lesson things that you hate.<br /><br />Kate hates to wash dishes, but nobody wants to help her. Ivan can not stand to walk with the dog, but she is lazy to build an aviary. Sergei Petrovich comes to rabies from having to make a quarterly report, but none of his deputies are not able to do it. Lisa despises the work of the auditor, but only so can pay for the loan, which has to buy the machine last summer. All these people are willing to failure and poverty - the reason for that feeling that they need to do is nasty business. The key to recovery from third habits of poor people - do not what you need and what is causing the greatest satisfaction. Only in this area, you'll get great results!<br /><br />4. Measuring success with money.<br /><br />Poor people believe that only the possession of a certain amount of money can bring him joy. Only a certain amount in the bank can give him a chance to feel happiness through designer clothes, beautiful house, travel, independence from her husband or parents or care from their jobs. But practice shows that happiness has not come. Successful people Merit happiness in units, more important than dollars, or renminbi. In what way - everyone decides for himself.<br /><br />5. Spending more money than you can afford.<br /><br />Credit card and smiling employees of banks are happy to help you be in debt. After all, a man who does not want to become successful, do not want to understand the difference between beneficial loans taken out to develop their own business, and disastrous loans luxury foreign cars or a huge mansion.<br /><br />6. Selecting an instant benefit.<br /><br />The desire to get right and to the maximum - the eternal property of the poor. They are not able to understand that, settling for the position with an average salary of a solid company, can be a few years to have a lot more than if you only pay attention to how much you get in a month. Ready-to-failure students say that the Institute only deprives them of time that could be spent on "zakolachivanie profits."<br /><br />7. Whimper.<br /><br />Life is hard? Just terrible? Terms of discrimination, corruption, rudeness, crime - you, a normal person, there is no road to success? With all would agree, each potential failure. The vaccine of this habit - creativity. Find a unique opportunity to fight the evils of the environment, emerging victorious from the initially unfavorable situation for you!<br /><br />8. Comparing yourself to others.<br /><br />Pete thinks he's better than their classmates because they only finished the eighth grade at the "excellent". Vasya sure that he is worse than all my friends, because it only does not work during the summer holidays. Roma despises his brother, because that has no Lexus, who yesterday became Roman. And Lena wants to strangle his girlfriend, because of the more fans. All of these people well-developed eighth habit loser - the desire to compare themselves with others. Consider whether this habit or you better not to allow the outside world takes control over domestic?<br /><br />9. Measuring the wealth of money.<br /><br />Truly rich people do not just break the link between happiness and money signs (getting rid of the habit of poor fourth), but dashed to equate the size of the account and the notion of wealth. The real wealth - is the ability to attract money, create them from scratch, organize new businesses - and then you are not afraid of any tax to the gene. prosecutors, any robbery or the stolen credit card numbers. The truly successful person does not depend on the volume of the bag of gold.<br /><br />10. Isolating yourself from your family.<br /><br />Magnificent losers are obtained from those who moved away from your family, explaining the reluctance of its members to support them in difficult times, to borrow money, to understand, to share beliefs and the like. They do not realize that the family - is an excellent source of domestic support, which can be accessed when in all other spheres of life is nothing left. Only love can help to close up from her knees, when there remains no hope - and then achieved true greatness.<br /><br />And let your familiarity with these ten habits will limit itself to the text of this article.<br />
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