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22.07.2010 10:51
Valuation issues in the real estate market is not the first year are the most controversial and most sore point. Evaluators are among the most important real estate market in any developed country. In Ukraine, the role of assessor unfairly undervalued and often perceived as formal.<br /><br />Today, market experts advocate all - his own opinion about the value of objects has almost every market participant. Try to argue with the owner of any object, for example, industrial complex, or, more interestingly, the owner of any land, the value of its assets. I am sure that the opinion of an appraiser and the owner does not coincide. And, despite the fact that both views on the value will have different arguments, they also both have a right to exist. Who is wrong? Estimator, which is often accused, that he underestimates the cost? Or an owner who believes in a round sum, which is its object? Yes, both may be absolutely right. Estimator always appreciates the object for a particular purpose, while the base, usually serves market value. The owner is often based not on the market, and the investment value of its assets, that is, the value for a particular investor, the special conditions of investment, etc. Here the difference in cost.<br /><br />All somehow overlooked that the evaluation activity - is a professional activity that fits into the special rules and standards. And the question of the value of a company or any other object is much broader and more complex than I have frequently heard phrase today: "I was offered $ 10 million, but I refused, as you assess the $ 8 million!" As a result - unhappy customers and a nervous estimator, which on the one hand and risk losing the client money, on the other - reputation.<br /><br />The opposite situation with the banks. Banks is not the first year of trying to shift their risks to the appraisers, virtually forcing them to appreciate the lower, smaller, or even expect the liquidation value of objects. Few appraisers can withstand the pressure of banking "experts", carefully issuing its internal assessment methodology, which often do not have anything in common with the generally accepted standards.<br /><br />Today in Ukraine registered 9.2 thousand appraisers. That's a lot! In Kiev, for example, for every 600 residents have an appraiser. Consequently, the competition is high. At the same time to find an appraiser willing to put a certificate on the value of $ 10 million (well, the ones who offered, but the owner decided that a little, and refused), is quite simple. It is sad to admit this fact, but these are the realities of today's market. Low levels of training and retraining often can not own evaluators to understand how the "crime" they committed, signing under undue cost object.<br /><br />Unfortunately, the value of such concepts as "reputation" in our market is too low. In the West, is considered an honorable profession appraiser. For certification and membership in professional organizations western evaluators go for years. Many receive membership in organizations such as the RICS to 35-40 years and are proud received status. Expression and opinion of such specialist in the West, no doubt other market participants. We have the appraiser tells how to evaluate and how to succeed, customers, banks, etc.<br /><br />Each professional appraiser - a judge whose opinion is valued and listened to that market. So why do we all feel obliged to "teach" an appraiser to estimate the objects in their own way? And if, God forbid, an appraiser does not listen, so the money can be reclaimed, and go to a competitor, which will be more "flexible". I want to respect the opinions of market participants and the professional work of my colleagues appraisers and did not interfere in the professional judgments of appraisers, and we, the appraisers, in turn, will try to improve their skills and professionalism in order to avoid possible conflicts arising from differences in the cost of facilities . First steps in this direction have already been made - is now being actively reviewed the training program and training programs for appraisers, enhanced quality control reports from the self-regulatory organizations. I hope these changes will make our work better and more constructive cooperation and effective. Good luck to all of us, gentlemen!<br /><strong>Yaroslava Chapko Knight Frank LLC Ukraine, General Director </strong><br />
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