Tax will control the real estate appraisal

13.12.2011 15:40
Articles about real estate | Tax will control the real estate appraisal People who sell real estate and cars, will become more difficult to evade taxes. The Party of Regions offer to allow tax authorities to monitor appraisers to exclude the possibility of lowering transaction costs.

Market participants agree that a law would increase taxes, but believe that the monopolisation of the industry will rise in price of services of appraisers, writes Kommersant.Ukraina.

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Member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance, banking, tax and customs policy Andrew Pinchuk filed a bill number 9574, offering to make amendments to the Tax Code, which control area estimation will be transferred from the State Property Fund (SPF) and the State Agency of Land Resources of the State Tax Service (STS). As explained by the People's Deputy, this will eliminate the possibility of under-valuation of property, and bring out the shadow of the real estate transactions and sales of vehicles. "Standards will only apply to individuals. Now, with the purchase and sale transactions the estimated value of the object, that is, the tax base, is underestimated by half "- says Pinchuk. In his opinion, reform of the sector will annually replenish the state budget by 2 billion UAH.

The bill creates a register of the SOT assessment activities with powers to determine the value of property and property rights for the calculation and payment of taxes and fees. Evaluators will have to undergo pre-tax audit, the audit and examination for compliance with quality requirements. Now the subjects of valuation certificates (in Ukraine them 3.5 thousand) provides SPF, and, according to market participants, in the year they are trained and tested. The project emphasizes that the appraiser is solely responsible for determining the value of the property, since this amount is paid tax on it are oriented in the calculation of penalties and the determination of the tax debt.

The deputy head Sergei SOT Doctor talks about the need for control assessment and creation of a unified methodology for determining the prices of objects. "The cost will be taken into account, for example, timing of construction, materials and supplies used, time of operation. We have a large number of cars that are sold for 100 USD, many residential and commercial property sold at a price that is below market. We all understand that this can not be "- he said.

Market participants fear the valuation conflicts with STS, and therefore agreed to evaluate the bill only informally. "I would call this document an attempt to redirect cash flows - angered the leader of one of Kiev's appraisal companies create 10.5 .- firms and will they dictate the level of valuation. In order to increase its tax will inflate, and those who need it will be cheaper to buy, will meet. " Evaluators also fear monopolization of the market and the rising cost of services to the detriment of their quality. If now the cost of assessment services in Kiev apartments ranging from 300 to 600 USD, in the case of monopolization of the market customers will pay and $ 1 thousand, as purchases and sales without an independent assessment is not possible, especially in the began the reform of BTI. "The market price - issue flexible, especially now when the market is, there is no demand for housing, incomes are falling. I do not exclude the introduction of indicative prices. For example, determine that a square meter of residential property may not be worth less than $ 1,3 thousand A state in which the accommodation, who lived in it, will not be counted, the main thing - to collect taxes in the state budget "- feared another market participant.

According to the head of the board of the Ukrainian Society of Appraisers Alexis Amfiteatrov proposed regulations attempted to make the tax code still in its development, but they are contrary to international practice, as the tax assessment procedure and to determine the market value of property intersect. In addition, STS, doubting the amount of taxes assessed, can now make a request in detail and to check SPF priced item.

As previously wrote Glavred, SOT, Ukraine is analyzing data on the purchase of Ukrainian vehicles, real estate and land. Comparing them with information about the official incomes of citizens, tax determine those who may have undeclared income.

"We have also analyzed data on registration of companies to individuals. As it turned out, some people in Ukraine are making to the statutory funds tens of millions of hryvnia, but the show's official income of 10 thousand hryvnia, "- said the head of the State Tax Service Alexander Klimenko.

If verification of the information available for the tax authorities a suspicion of tax evasion, a person voluntarily offer to complete a declaration. If a person does not want to, tax may continue to identify hidden sources of his income, according to "Glavred".

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