Tax deposits activates new housing market

20.03.2014 00:45
Articles about real estate | Tax deposits activates new housing market Investment in new housing can displace deposits? Commented on the proposal Arseny Yatsenyuk tax interest income from deposits in excess of 50 thousand UAH. Dmitry Shostya, head of sales LCD "Park Stone".
According to the expert , to keep their savings on deposit and pay their taxes will want a few. "The amount on deposit in the 50 th. Not an indicator of wealth, it is only about $ 5 thousand , that working people procrastinate on holiday for the family, for the purchase of machinery or property ," - said D. Shostya .

If the above-mentioned tax on deposits will be introduced massively Ukrainians begin to withdraw funds and withdraw their savings from banks . " Already, banks have lost the trust of citizens, and rental properties became more profitable than that earned from placing funds on deposit in the future , this trend may increase ," - said Shostya .

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According Shostya , funds from the banking sector will move into the housing market , and investors primarily be interested in the purchase of property, a high degree of readiness in homes " economy plus " and business class , so in April and May 2014 the demand for them will grow by 10-15 %. "At the moment many investors fear long-term relationships with developers , that is connected with the political-economic situation in the country . Therefore preliminary agreement now concluded for 2-3 months - no more ," - said the expert.
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