Tatyana Mazur: «Zoning has become a kind of protection from the hard pressure of investors»

09.06.2011 17:00
Articles about real estate | Tatyana Mazur: «Zoning has become a kind of protection from the hard pressure of investors» Ex-Chief Architect of Chernigov from 13 years of experience, which held that post in 1993 - 2006., During the development zoninga, believes that zoning itself is not able to solve a problem that persists in the master plan.

In developing zoninga you studied the experience of many countries. Which of them were founded upon?
- United States, because the experience of most European countries it was difficult to move to Ukraine because of serious differences in the legislation. In general, our experience has shown that over the full international experience is impossible.

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That from the U.S. experience you could not apply?
- We could not, most simply do not have time, bring zoning to the same depth of detail. But they worked on it for almost a hundred years, and we - at least half a dozen. The first zoning in the United States dates from 1914. This document is constantly in action, some items are added, some removed. For example, in zoninge one of American cities was prescribed that the roof ridge height shall not exceed a certain height, the unauthorized change of facade prohibited.

Differed from the existing zoning of urban planning documents?
- Zoning in Ukraine became a mechanism for implementing the Master Plan for city development, the document included not only the graphics of urban planning documents, but also address the legal aspects of the territory in each zone. And it was a dynamic document. Changes in it could be amended if necessary, but if there is proper justification.

What zoning issues resolve in Chernigov?
- Zoning made the game more open to all stakeholders. A potential investor could see his interest area, read the rules of its use and, already knowing the potential of the site, apply to certain structures to further address the issue.

On the other hand, zoning has become a kind of protection of local authorities and officials from the hard pressure of investors. There were many examples of when they wanted to build a downtown high-rise buildings. Prescribed in the zoninge limit the number of storeys in the heart in different areas from 15 to 25 m long, of course, hindered the influx of unscrupulous developers. Or have the desire to have an investor to place stations on the free site in the area of ??historical and architectural reserve. Y officials had documents proving that in this area is unacceptable to place such objects. The investor is deprived of the right to insist on amendments to the zoning condition that his proposals would be developed and justified the specialized design institute.

With the help of zoninga can solve the problem of shortage of kindergartens, transport interchanges and car parks?
- Zoning - a mechanism that helps to implement the general plan of the city, which determines land use regulations in accordance with the zoning map. The question of transport interchanges, car parks, the number of service facilities (such as kindergartens, schools, clinics, hospitals, trade objects, etc.) - this is the problem of urban planning documents such level as the master plan of urban development projects detailed planning of residential areas, neighborhoods or other urban structures.

The new law "On regulation of urban development" took into account 15 years of experience in Chernigov?
- The new law is not written experience in the development of the rules of building an urban area. In essence, these rules (zoning) and consisted of zoning regulations to its use. I think it was necessary for the development of a new legislative framework to take into account accumulated experience and develop it further.

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