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Tatiana on You recently moved to Moscow from Izhevsk. How comfortable you feel in the capital? Can I take it to their house?
In Moscow I feel really good, much more interesting than in Izhevsk. First there was a break-up, but not because of the city, but because of the people that had to leave, and because of my favorite fat cats - they could not take with them and had to throw out the good in good hands. In Moscow, many more opportunities for work and leisure activities: space and new routes, an inexhaustible number of pleasant places to walk. I feel that now my house here, and even when I go to Izhevsk, even more clearly understand that now belongs to Moscow.
Please tell us where you live?
I live in a wonderful Stalin on Shabolovka. Miracle - because despite the Татьяна Зыкинаutter old school around me there comfortably, and if you do not find fault, everything exactly as I wanted. The area is quiet, although it is almost center. Near Donskoy Monastery, you can walk to the Frunze Embankment, Neskuchnyi garden is a beautiful boulevard in Serpukhovskoy shaft, always flowers and people with dogs, which also pleases. I sometimes go out specifically about nine in the evening to wander through the yard like a maniac: at this time, people derive their animals - so acquainted with the spaniel Timoy, Shepherd Steppes and absolutely impossible sizes Labrador Vasya, which removes the joy in the way of all living things. I love the fact that, as a pompous nor name the dog or cat in the documents, in life it is always some kind of simple-imechko. I now have no means to start their animals, so I'm satisfied that I go to stare at strangers' children.
How important to you home?

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This is my personal area, my lair, I keep his psychological integrity, and no amount of politeness does not make me admit to the house to who sincerely do not want to see. Lifestyles touring musicians always involves a lot of acquaintances and people around, you get tired of this quickly, and the house had no particular desire to have fun in the society. I am quite uncompromising man, and if the work has to be tactful and tolerant, in my personal life, I can not quarrel with a friend who pulls for the company to my house unpleasant people. I love to entertain, but hard to bear when they do not know the steps and could not be at the right time to leave, leave me alone, so you can finally have otshelnichyu home to change into clothes and their feet. In short, I am at home the king-emperor, and I hope it will last forever. In addition, the house - this is a testing ground for their design considerations, and in this respect from me "suffer" is flat Izhevsk, about which I'll tell.
And how do you repair?
The greatest difficulty in the repair, which makes itself - it is not possible (because you a bite roasted cock, and all must urgently, immediately, as soon as possible), and an unpredictable amount of material injections. I worked as an editor on the radio, and repair was a very significant waste. Old house, the walls and ceilings devils which, therefore, the primary task was to align everything, and then save to specialists can not, otherwise, all further efforts may be wasted. Then already the most interesting - wallpaper, something on the floor and furniture. We in Izhevsk is such a place, a huge pavilion for a modern, bright entitled "The economic base. Go there on weekends was a special kind of meditation - of course, the selected wallpaper is in stock, the last roll, and everything else. "Ikea" and "Obi" in Izhevsk not - had to order from Moscow racks, which I could afford for the money, and it will look normal. I love natural colors and materials, so all left in un-painted rustic form.
What kind of ideas you follow when you make an apartment?
I must say that between me and the Soviet interior childhood precipitated the war. When each house was a monstrous headsets "Elegy" or "Harmony", the massive chair, the mysterious objects called "sofa", "Laura" or "ottoman", and most important, the scourge of any interior - walls. Now I feel an acute hatred of these subjects, but even more - to the crammed, cluttered rooms. I'm in the house should be a lot of space, even if this little square meters. It is better to be a sofa, a TV and a small coffee table. I have no regrets rid of all occurrences of old belongings, so there is little need for large storage. Plus, for me very important that the apartment could have been from time to time to do the permutation - not like a long time to live in one of geometry.
And what, ultimately, it came out?
Calm, natural, warm and vibrant interior. I do not enjoy the bright, natural colors are not, so I chose all the most natural origin, or even species. I do not like far-fetched, so the house all relatively simple. For me, on stage, and at home is very important light as and where it falls. This is a system-forming element. Houses like all deployed bamboo rolls over the windows ... It is a pity, never managed to find a normal lamp or floor lamp, and in the favorite spot of my apartment Izhevsk, close to convenient reclining chair for two, and is a shameful old floor lamp with yellowed terrible plafond Plexiglass (laughs).
Is Your House "is like" to you? Is it possible for your home to understand that lives in it is the singer? 
Татьяна Зыкина
He looks like me because I am now a "child of nature", and at home I should be all too natural, and I did not frighten summer shade. Bamboo, rattan, willow, wood, cork, flax, cotton. In Izhevsk I have not had so much musical instruments, as in Moscow - only the guitar was lying on the floor was a rinky-dink synth. That, though he showed my involvement in music, violated his technocratic view of the natural harmony of my house. I love the natural instruments - ethnic drums and all that. Even in my quiet interior savagely hit rending blue hoop - but I hid it behind the door. In general, it is clear that without some sort of alien elements can not do, so they must be somehow camouflage.
And what would you most like in your old apartment?

The most distinguished object, which remained in Izhevsk - this is an old wooden chest of drawers. Now such furniture is not doing it prohibitive and too carefully made, and the hand does not rise to throw (or, worse, take their parents to the country) this murderous design. It was his own chest oshkuren and re prolachen, or rather even, linseed oil soaked coffee and honey-colored, it has been otkrucheny long ugly legs ... One night work, smozolennye hands - and elegant vintage chest of drawers, pride, ready. And still very much an armchair under a floor lamp - it was a happy impractical purchase, my mother, when he came to visit, a little afraid of him to sit down. It is relatively low, this oval bowl on rattan base, in a light cover from a large flax weaving. I love the fact that this chair a short-lived, not feature-rich and expensive. Such items must be near.
And in Moscow apartment you that is more to the soul?

Here the most trump place - balcony. He is a big, wide, unglazed - and although I did not have the highest floor, but in the yard all the buildings (hotel and some office) below, and I watch from the balcony of the roof. And the trees, a playground, the distant noise of the road, the road Nigella (dog that day lives on the street, only to spend the night at the hostess) - I feel I'm right on the resort. Once equipped with this special place is difficult, I will restrict the purchase effervescent soft "tourism" rugs. Beauty, especially in the morning and two hours before, when on the balcony can be completely free tanning. Can it also work on the drums, I love the percussion and sometimes in the morning from the balcony announce the beginning of a new day some rhythmic patterns. Well, if the weather allows, I love the breakfast it was there, behind a white round table, very romantic. Too bad summer this year, the dirty, the balcony and enjoy the simple pleasures I have often.
What you spend time at home?
Always spend a lot of time on the computer, no matter where he stands. It is now possible to do it to music, and in this process generally immaterial what objects you are surrounded. More often dwell in the kitchen, my diet requires great resourcefulness and creativity to build something that will not seem like a silo, and it became a real art.
A visit to come to you?
I do not have many friends, so close to meet at the home territory. However, two types of gatherings - in a pub or at home - choose the second. I love to cook and feed, we will from time to time with the group going with me, I compose next several tables - just like in the Soviet wedding. This is very nice, especially now, when almost no one practices.
As I understand, you are a person's home and prefer to relax at home, too?
Of course, the house - the most coveted vacation. I do not like parties, and, to be honest, people in general. I do not like travel and travel with a company that is optimal for me "old man" rest: watch telly, drink wine, with the closest person I do not take it as some sort of external, separate being. I prefer peace and isolation - of course, with the possibility if you want to break out of this. Anyway, the house - it's my place of power, and this is where I recharged the battery.
If you had the opportunity to create a house, according to your wishes, what would you create?
First of all, it would be a space, not cluttered, free, but not an empty airfield. I have been in many really big and fancy apartments, which, however, comes from the walls of a metaphysical cold. The interior of my dreams - it is much natural warm materials, plants, and the maximum divergent light (so you can highlight the true, and that, and remain in complete darkness, and to allow sunlight to flood the house), the soft surface. But the most important thing to me in the interior of living domestic animals: dead, uninteresting, and it seems to me a house, if there are no dogs or cats.
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