Sweden officially recognized as "best country in the world"

13.10.2010 13:13
According to research non-profit organization Tllberg Foundation, which was conducted by examining the 16 most often-cited rankings of the world`s societies, Sweden has the highest aggregate scores.

Researchers have chosen indexes that were compiled by the United Nations, the world`s leading universities, international organizations and independent foundations. None of these organizations are not located in Sweden. Rankings are based on a study of the level of competitiveness, human rights, democracy and clean environment of the world, says The Local.

After combining the results of ratings in a "meta-index" Sweden took the top spot with an exponent 4.6. The next four positions are occupied by other Scandinavian countries (Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland). Among other states, caught in a meta-ranking "- Germany (15,0), UK (18,9), USA (25,4), Russia (72.9), China (82.0) and India ( 90.6).

With regard to business climate, the situation is different. Sweden came in the top 10 only on such parameter as trade.


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