Summerhouses will be transferred to the category of residential property

30.04.2014 00:00
Articles about real estate | Summerhouses will be transferred to the category of residential property Committee on Construction, Urban Development and Housing and Communal Services and Regional Policy proposes Verkhovna Rada to take the Bill on Amendments to Some Laws of Ukraine on the transfer of garden and country houses in the residential status and registering them in the residence. The bill plans to supplement article about translation in residential real estate garden and country houses on the harmonization of the provisions of the Land Code for the construction of cottages on recreational land , as well as complement clarifying the concept of " place of residence of the individual ."

Translate Garden houses in the category of residential real estate, where it will be possible to register , see the respective local authorities, at the request of citizens.

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Members of the committee supported the bill which would harmonize legislative concepts and procedures in the housing, civil legislation on housing and create the right conditions for citizens to exercise their right to free choice of residence .
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