Suburban real estate market through the eyes of experts

10.01.2011 00:05
Articles about real estate | Suburban real estate market through the eyes of experts In the suburbs of Kiev built 47 cottage communities (more than 2,2 thousand households) during the construction phase is 68 villages.

According to the mid-2010 in the Kiev region, was put up for sale to 2,5 thousand households in 51 cottage. By 2011, the cottage communities in the capital will be put up for sale by 14,5 thousand households.

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In 2009, the average price of houses in the Kiev region fell by 24%. Prices for suburban real estate are falling and will fall. In the near future real estate prices have fallen slightly: not more than 1-2%, and the amount of discounts on the average will not exceed 15% - predicted the director of consulting company RealEkspo Victor Kovalenko.

According to the report of the analytical center Vesco Consulting, in November at the suburban real estate market of Moscow region sales were organized in 477 villages, which is 6,7% more compared to the same period in 2009, when selling homes in 445 villages.

At the end of 2010 the total market supply of suburban housing the elite class was about 6800 objects. This is 20% less than at the end of 2009.

On the eve of the New 2011 veiled lowering the cost of the proposal - in the form of additional discounts and bonuses - an average of about 7-10%, although in some projects reach up to 20%.

In contrast to the early autumn, when there was a seasonal surge in buyer activity, in late November and December interest of buyers has decreased by about 10%. And, according to commercial director of Vesco Group Konstantin Romanov, the further growth of suburban real estate market will not begin until mid-February.

Analysts IntermarkSavills real estate agents say that in 2010 the demand for houses in suburban cottage settlements of business and premium class in the suburbs increased by 1.5 times compared with 2009.

In the primary market for the year was reached almost 1.5 thousand transactions totaling $ 2.18 billion, or 1,5 times more than in 2009. During 2010, the average price of housing in the suburban projects increased by 5-15%.

Director of Marketing Department of suburban real estate company Penny Lane Realty Rykov, Alexander notes that the Russian market of suburban real estate in 2010, went up and prices began to rise in the inflation rate, which is indicative of a healthy market.

According to Russian experts predicted the real estate market, the demand for cottage villages in the Moscow region in the near future will grow as a house in the suburbs of Moscow can now be purchased for the Metropolitan Apartments.
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