Suburban real estate market of Ukraine -2012: Experts forecast

10.01.2012 00:15
Articles about real estate | Suburban real estate market of Ukraine -2012: Experts forecast How will the market for suburban property this winter? Experts are sure that in a segment of cottage townships organized sale will go, though, of course, not too active.

Purchasing trail

"Our winters are not conducive to selling suburban real estate. If the main routes you can still drive, then secondary roads are usually blocked by snow almost. Therefore, as a rule, buying activity early in the year falls in half to two times "- explains Victor Kovalenko, director of consulting company" RealEkspo "- But 2012 has brought us thus far snowy winter, so some interest in suburban property until there is . -We expect a gradual decline in demand. In January and February, this figure could reach 20-50%. "

In general, the number of transactions in the primary suburban real estate market in the winter is reduced by about half. But here we must understand: the level of sales in a particular town depends, first, from its location and, secondly, the developer's own efforts to secure the entrances to their village.

Discounts will not be!

Although demand in winter is reduced, the developers are not prepared to offer customers big discounts. "The best that can calculate a customer, it presents a framework of joint programs with partners builder - the certificates to carry out landscaping, construction of the fireplace and so on. Return on country market is not so high as to give more discounts of 10-15%, and moderate discounts are ineffective as a marketing tool ", - said Victor Kovalenko

Developers who work in the market for years, already have experience in winter discounts and evaluated it negatively. Influx of customers such shares do not give, and reduce revenues. If a person is really going to make a purchase, a small difference in price for his decision not to be affected.

In fact, experience shows that cottage villages with clear development concept, which provided an adequate value for money and attract customers all year round (although in winter, of course, smaller). On the other hand, there are frankly weak projects in which there are no sales neither winter nor summer.

The new trend in suburban real estate market

"Generally speaking, the last two or three years on the market of cottage townships large number of transactions occur during the traditional downturn - February, May and August. At the same time, seasonal peaks are not quite meet the expectations of developers. Apparently, the decision to buy a suburban real estate began to exert considerable influence economic and political factors, and decreased the value of weather ", - said Victor Kovalenko.

"Regardless of weather conditions, sales increased in December, before the New Year, - said Victor Kovalenko. - Otherwise, as a psychological factor that I can not explain. All year people are determined, and then rush to complete the deal before the end of the year. " According to Viktor Kovalenko, empty in terms of sales are in January and February, and then wake up buyers in April and May.
Viktor Kovalenko
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