Suburban real estate market in questions and answers

06.01.2014 00:30
Articles about real estate | Suburban real estate market in questions and answers Life in the city with its tense rhythm, vanity, adverse environmental conditions, sooner or later leads to the idea that it would be good to have a small plot of land close to nature, with a vacation home, where the silence and clean air. Even better - buy suburban housing in which to settle, leaving the city only when necessary. Going to buy the cottage for the summer , or building a house, each face somewhat different relationships in real estate than in the metropolis. Approach to the acquisition of this type of real estate requires knowledge of many features uneasy legislation , ability to avoid mistakes in choosing their future place of life including geographical , psychological , architectural aspects .

Of suburban real estate market can be said that it is not standardized . Selecting objects now is great , there are many unique offerings , the prices of which are formed taking into account any special parameters of the objects themselves . Often, the issue price and forms when buying preferences of suburban real estate .

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The State provides assistance in resolving this issue , but only the young and large families .

So how to extend their financial capabilities when buying suburban real estate ? And what documents are necessary to make the transaction was legitimate ? May be different than the status of the different plots ? What are the pitfalls may await when buying suburban real estate ? Players suburban real estate market will answer these questions and many more in our category " FAQ ."

Segment of the suburban real estate is rapidly gaining momentum . This is evidenced by the increased interest both developers and the public. But not every resident has the money out to buy land in the country . Therefore, an important role is played here by a mortgage.

• What are the requirements typically have banks lending program country ?
• What are the costs faced by the borrower to obtain credit for suburban real estate ?

1.Berya mortgage loan for the purchase of villas, garden house or other structure of consumer goods , unfinished construction or land , as well as for the individual building , it is necessary to remember the following . Credited property must be located on the territory of Ukraine and should not be burdened with the rights of third parties / consist custody ( ban ) .

It may be issued :

- owned by the borrower / co-borrower's title ;
- the common property title and any co-borrower (s) of the co-borrowers ;
- common property zzaemschika and member (s) of his family ( children , including juvenile 's parents );
- the common property of the co-borrower cover his ( her ) spouse (s) and member (s) of his ( her ) (their) family ( children , including minors , parents) ;
- the common property of the co-borrower and cover member (s) of his family ( his wife's family ) ( children , including minors , parents).

Ownership of the property must be registered in the prescribed manner in accordance with applicable law.

Sellers one real estate - no more than 5 , including one single entity .

Credit is not granted if the person carrying out the construction or sale of the property under contract , while a co-borrower / guarantor on the loan.

2 . When applying for a loan for suburban real estate borrower expect only costs mandatory property insurance , pledged in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

Man , do not specialize in suburban real estate , it is difficult to identify those factors that affect its price . There are many aspects , and are all substantially different from each other. Even within a country village organized his land may not be equally attractive. The most frequently asked questions are answered by Alexander Popov, Director of Sales, " New Earth ."

• What factors affect the cost of land in suburban towns ?
• From what ultimately depends on the cost of land ?

1.Stoimost land depends on its category. The cheapest option - agricultural land . Much more expensive - cottages and IHC . Matter the condition of roads , landscaping and the availability of modern utilities. Therefore, another factor in the formation of the value of land is the development of infrastructure . Great influence on the cost of land has its geographical position and transport accessibility. The less time it takes to the road , the more expensive cost of land. This takes into account not only the distance but also the congestion .

Plus to be cost and proximity to civilization. If there are settlements , and in them schools, shops , pharmacies, - it is important for a comfortable life , and so appreciated. Ecological conditions and natural resources are equally important. It's no secret that the noise from the nearest road nobody brings pleasure and joy , so the location of the house in the immediate vicinity of the highway can reduce the price. Conversely , the presence of increasing its landscape . Species and site characteristics also affect the cost of it and the quality of land and real estate, and location relative to its neighbors.

2 . In the final analysis , the cost of land depends on the costs that are required to become a high-quality , liquid product.
All this should be negotiated in advance . Seller notifies the buyer information about what he invests . And if, for example , the price for the plot covers the connection of utilities , the owner then will not have to pay extra for this additional funding .

Earth - a special kind of real estate ownership is protected and regulated by a number of provisions of legislation .

• What is the procedure of registration of the suburban real estate property?
• What to do if the house property on leased land is not completed ?

1.Est several design options in suburban real estate property . The first option concerns horticultural plots allocated land for individual housing construction and other such land. The law, which greatly simplified the procedure of registration and gave an opportunity for many landowners to obtain documents on the ground - so-called " dacha amnesty ", whereby for registration of land ownership rather act or state certificate confirming the right of this site. Such a document should be issued in the name of the person who wants to spend a design - either to the original owner of the land , but in this case will require documentation of the sale , gift or inheritance plot. After collecting the necessary documents , including cadastral passport , you can contact regpalatu and passing the proper procedure of registration , get a piece of the property. If this section for the time since granting it increased in size or changed its borders need to carry out the procedure of survey .

2 . Another embodiment relates to registration of land ownership even if it has a dwelling house ( a documented and owned by private property rights ) when the plot leased from the administration. Translate to rent the property if rent is allocated for the construction of individual houses , as follows. Build a house and register it in the property. Certificate of registration of a residential building will be the basis for granting the leased land ownership . But do not forget that to start construction of a house is possible only after obtaining a building permit .

Even if the house is on the leased area undeveloped , but decorated in a property, then all is well , as they say , the earth follows the house. In case of land owned by the state or municipality is required to contact the administration with a written statement . Thus , land is transferred to property on the basis of having it built . The next steps will be the order surveying, approval of boundaries , setting it on cadastre and surveying work - the actual definition of boundaries and securing them in the document , which must be provided to regpalatu .

To register the ownership of a house is needed after completion of the house , contact the BTI request technical / cadastral passport at home. BTI, to visit the area , makes the assessment of the house , and then preparing a technical / cadastral passport at home. After obtaining a passport home address in the registration service , where after a month from the date of filing will be given a certificate of state registration of ownership of the house .

Low-rise risks

Have your property zagorodom dream of many . But it is no secret that the acquisition of suburban sites associated with higher risk compared to buying a city apartment .

• What risks may accompany the sale transaction suburban real estate ?
• What criteria should be chosen suburban real estate ?

1.Rynok suburban real estate today is full of " tasty " Advertising : great places , interesting intriguing names , low prices. Offers a lot , just choose , most importantly, whether the perfect buy decent accommodations for families. In the long term - liquidity .
To begin searching the land plot particular attention should be paid to the nature of land and what is going to do about it .

Most of the proposed sale of land - agricultural land. Cost them more attractive compared with the lands earmarked already changed for individual housing construction or country house construction . I know such cases , the buyer , tempted by the low cost area , not asked about the status of land. And in consequence it became clear that he needed capital construction in this area , as it is known in the lands of agricultural law is prohibited. Moreover , we can not and do not handle these lands .

2 . When buying land buyer should clearly see the limits of the selected area , and compare them with the inventory and survey plans . Equally important are access roads to the site (asphalt, concrete slabs , gravel ) . If not, ask the owner of the land where there is a way , at whose expense will be carried out and by whom. The same applies to the supply of gas, electricity , water. If all this is not for you all have to pay extra .

Fortunately, today there are a lot of cottage settlements , where everything is taken into account in advance or included in the price of the land , or in conjunction with the administration of districts solve the problem of connecting to utility networks .
We must not forget that any real estate may be in litigation , the pledge. Therefore, before the transaction is necessary to order an extract from USRR .

Lively, yet unspoiled by civilization nature, fresh air , the nearby forest , berry- mushroom places , fishing at any time of the year draws citizens to purchase suburban real estate . Particular preference is given to areas located near the city. This is due to the fact that the pool of potential buyers of suburban real estate younger : young families who have children , are important educational and entertainment facilities .

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