Suburban life in Eastern Europe

07.11.2010 15:17
The last few years real estate markets in the former socialist countries of Eastern Europe were characterized by rapid growth - both in quantity and in terms of transactions. And far from being last in line for Eastern European real estate occupied by Russians.<br /><br />What explains the popularity of Eastern Europe by the Russians? First, the important role played by territorial proximity of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the CIS countries have historically been close economic and cultural ties. Second, the importance of moderate cost of living is at its highest level. The cheapest country is Bulgaria, and then Slovakia. Cost of living in the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary in general comparable, said Exactly news. The same pattern and with prices for suburban property. It is also important that the legislation of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia and other Eastern European countries adopted the EU have not adapted to a noticeable increase in demand from 'Western' Europeans.<br /><br />Legislation in Eastern Europe in different ways to purchase real estate by foreigners. But virtually all the government understands that the sale of property - one of the most promising forms of attracting foreign capital. To encourage this process, and at the same time prevent the flow of unwanted migrants, many countries adopted the standard under which to purchase residential property can be accessed only with your own business.<br /><em><br />Frame above all</em><br />Options "ideal" Eastern European house is not as easy to define. Different generations and different people define them in their own way, including national experience, economic conditions and technological opportunities. However, despite their differences, you can select some of the most striking features of modern East houses in comparison to Russian "brothers". And the first of them - the wide distribution frame technology, which in our country, only gaining in popularity.<br /><br />The scale frame house-building in Eastern Europe today are such that builders are ready to "win" hegemony of the former Warsaw Pact countries. Thus, in September 2007, Hungarian companies are actively developing the technology in the construction of lightweight structures housing proposed Association of Builders of Russia (ACP) to settle in our country is practically family cottages for a few days.<br /><br />The presentation of these five companies had a president of the Hungarian section of lightweight structures Builders Association of Hungarian Jozsef Carpathians. He argued that Hungarians are ready to create joint ventures in Russia. According to József Carpathians, in Hungary today rapidly developing technology of lightweight structures, but the overall economic situation is unstable, so businessmen are looking for outlets to foreign markets, including Russia. Carpathians colleagues presented five Hungarian companies interested in supplying to Russia family cottages with lightweight structures with wooden or metal frame. Talking about the benefits of such designs, Karpaty said that the technologies allow us to collect house for only 16 days. He also stressed that the Hungarian builders are ready for joint venture. Excluding price of land in square feet of frame houses find themselves three times cheaper than in brick cottages. High-quality "light" structure of capital and warmer often do not yield to them resistance to different hazards, as the ACP. But while Russians refer to fear of strange technology, preferring the familiar major and brick.<br /><em><br />Course on rationality</em><br />Most Eastern European modern private home is a single-storey cottage of classical proportions. In frame technology, popular hollow ceramic blocks. As a roofing material commonly used natural ceramic tiles - tribute antiquated traditions. However, demand for modern roof coating increases.<br /><br />For example, in Poland where buyers, choosing a project managed primarily economic considerations, the peak demand cottages 120-150 sq. Rational of Czechs and Slovaks prefer second attic. From their perspective, a popular option in Russia, "two storeys plus attic" is not economically viable. A resort town in Bulgaria refused from residential attics: come Mediterranean fashion - storey mansion with a flat roof.<br /><br />With all its compactness of modern Eastern European cottages for the middle class is quite different and successful space planning. Center for the house - living room. Its doing great, so the table can easily accommodate not only family members but also guests. This is a favorite vacation spot household, so there is always room for sofas, armchairs, TV. If a house can not hold office, he immediately assumed a place for your computer. And of course, in the living room necessarily an original fireplace. To operate successfully and to enjoy life, you get enough sleep well. Comfortable bedrooms are very important - in fact, say what you like, a third of life we are in bed. Another indispensable condition of suburban comfort - bath. Bathrooms in the house at least two: one - for the bedrooms upstairs, the other - in the living room. Typically, the Eastern European house designed with the expectation that the family is three children. Not necessarily, so that each child had their own room. Two boys or two girls can live together, and their little sister or brother - separately. If the child's overall plan, it must be great. With fewer children, children are easily transformed into guest rooms.<br /><br />Joy for the hostess - a spacious, though not very large (about 12 square meters.), The kitchen. It can simultaneously run two, such as mother and elder daughter. Usually when a bridge kitchen pantry. Availability of financial resources is determined wardrobe owners. If a house is a modest area and therefore cheap, you can do easy closets. But in any case, it sure provided business premises, which was to hide a vacuum cleaner and other household appliances.<br /><br />Most people in Europe believe that the house should be especially economical and convenient. Not very big, but in any case not close.<br /><br />In eastern houses are not taken to do the sauna. But fans of sweat from the comfort of each year becomes more and more. Pools are the only luxury residences - ordinary homeowners arrange small ponds on the air. What will the garage - Freestanding or at home - depends on the size of the site. However, residents of the Czech Republic and Slovakia often change cars and believe that garage is not needed.<br /><strong><br />Typology of country comfort</strong><br />Typology to explore Eastern European country houses are not so difficult. In the first place villa - the most prestigious and expensive property. Almost always refers to individual homes on large plots of land. Villa has in mind the maximum comfort for its residents: handling luxury, expensive furniture, fixtures, etc. In the hall, bedrooms and bathrooms, in virtually every villa has a spacious terrace on the second floor or solarium and basement. Cellar optionally can be used not only as a store room but, for example, equip it in a billiard hall with a bar or home theater. Some may prefer to arrange a separate basement floor of the house.<br /><br />Some wealthy Russian buyers are not interested in townhouses and cottages, and even villas and castles. Historical real estate in Eastern Europe devoted to special directories, paying for shipping which should also study offered for sale castles and mansions that are interested in you country.<br /><br />The second type of suburban housing - house - a small one-or two-story buildings designed for one family. Typically, they are very comfortable: more than a city apartment, living space, with a few wardrobe and a bathroom, own garage and adjoining land (not in any way from the garden in the Russian sense of the word). Cottages in most Eastern European countries still under construction are connected to all communications and networks (water supply, sewerage, electricity, cable television and Internet, sometimes to a central gas heating), so in engineering are no different from urban apartments.<br /><br />The third type of houses - townhouses (duplexes). As in Russia, a successful hybrids city apartment and country house. Townhouse is a complex of low rise luxury cottages with common side walls. In the duplex are spacious residential apartments, an area of 150-300 square meters. m, garage for one or two cars and parking in front, and small lawn. Traditionally, the townhouses are built in two or three levels. The first floor is usually occupied by a sitting room, kitchen and utility room including a spacious garage. The second and third floors arranged rooms, classrooms. At each level of the cottage, as a rule, private bathroom.<br /><br />Buildings themselves are on the mountain and sea resorts - Bungalows and chalets, the characteristics of which depend on national characteristics. And the last category - the old village houses and cottages in the "age" from a few dozen to a hundred and more years.<br /><br />But stay alert: most of the proposed sale locks uninhabitable. Thus, in Slovakia with 109 objects being sold only 22 historic properties in good condition. Even under the current minimum reconstruction needs, excluding historical features, building materials and processing, require considerable resources (just five more than the value of the object). In addition, authorities are not always willing to sell castles and manors of individuals, especially foreigners, fear of fraud.<br /><br />Finally. Whatever type of suburban housing or you are interested, you should understand that in Eastern Europe there is no clear division of areas of "urban" and "rural" development. That is, for example, the cottage is not necessarily to the deaf and around the city in general. A cottage built prestigious areas can be located relatively close to downtown.<br /><a href=""></a><br />
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