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15.11.2010 17:30
Articles about real estate | Suburban housing: how to survive the crisis Villages The fact that the suburban housing out of the crisis is not as fast as urban real estate, they say, all the experts. Some emphasize the fact that few developers are now prepared to actively continue to build settlements, because the buyer-oriented ready-made objects. We decided to ask the representatives of one of the villages - as he was to survive the crisis and today they can offer the buyer. Questions PRO Real Estate Portal Divina said Noel, chief managing partner in 1911 Invest (developer of the village, "Baden Hills").
What amount of investments and the estimated payback period on this project?
When many suburban projects that are in autumn 2008 at the initial stage of implementation, have been frozen, "Baden Hills continued to actively prepare for the start of sales
Total planned investment fund in the project will be about $ 50 million, and would like to emphasize that financing for the project is conducted entirely by equity fund without recourse to debt capital. Thanks to precisely this form of funding, the project managed to stay afloat during the crisis. It is worth noting that, when many suburban projects that are in autumn 2008 at the initial stage of implementation, have been frozen, "Baden Hills continued to actively prepare for the start of sales. We, as investors project, having experience and understanding of market trends, have relied on high-quality finished product, the demand for which inevitably had to go back to the market after the crisis. Our development strategy in 2009 was as follows: initially need to bring all communications, obtain all permits and prepare for post-crisis market.

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11 Invest implemented the suburban projects not only in Russia.
The differences between buyers' requirements, which factors are most important in the evaluation facility in Russia and abroad?

In our opinion, the Russian buyers are more demanding of quality building materials. So popular in Europe and Canada, frame technology in Russia is not very popular in high-budget segment. Therefore, we decided to build our homes from high-quality ceramic porous brick large format RAUF. Also during construction, we use natural stone and natural tile (made in Germany). Apply a fine wood finish.
What is the estimated monthly operating fee in the settlement and what services are included in this amount?
Monthly payment would be approximately $ 700. Management Company in the settlement should be carried out in this amount the total service: protecting the village, trash removal, repairs and maintenance of communications, etc.
Who is interested in country real estate?

Houses in our village are interested in both men and women from 30 to 55 years, with a successful career. Most people with children, or intending to start a family and live with her outside of town. Those customers who have already bought our home ownership, plan to reside permanently in the village. Potential buyers are also considering the village as a place for their own accommodation. They are dominated by those who plan to replace an existing town house or apartment in Moscow for more upscale housing in the immediate vicinity of Moscow. At the same time, it is worth noting that the proportion of investment buyers to potential clients, has recently increased.
Are any of your customers who used a mortgage to buy a home?
None of our customers so far not resorted to mortgage lending. However, potential buyers are very interested in mortgage services, "Savings Bank" - our partner bank.

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